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Marshall Becker

The triangular glass thing on dark side of the moon, is called a freak rhomb which is also a great aussie band.

Liliana is so dramatic

uses other women this whole time then just throws her away for wife

Rodel Rayos Nagac

KD wants to reValue himself because he will be a fA next season. The value of KD will deteriorate if teams will know that KD is hurt. The GS management also wants to sell KD with bigcash. End of the story. RAPTORS in 5.

Franeo Rodrigo

@liltj3195 they're good....bloody hell :D

Aljosa Pecnik

Do sneaker shopping with LeBron

earth : omea, mou shinderu.


i love the videos, whats with the gay as fuck music though?

Cheryl Smith

IQ of about 10

The title is completely off

Tommy Mayers

Crap. Tools 100's of shots to achieve this. Boo

Candy Bench

the first one was creepy and distbing


Polo G - Increasing the Frequency of my Popping Out ft. Eminem

Billy 223

This game actually looks raw


I freaking love the way she talks. I just got cheated on yesterday.

We love this though Kylie keep vlogging it’s entertaining

Idolize Tay

Peep my husband Che ecru in the background, he just need to blow up already🤗🤗

Fruity Tootie

I'm eating some amazing chips

Amit Shetty

Man give the twins a role it is always Ty, Cody, Garret who are in majority of the video

Me: yes.

Sohaib Ali

I laughed badly at 1:15Like if u laughed



DanieltubeH4 :

Mario theme

Girl's part: Another time I was trying out for singing. The choir instructor said it was interesting that I could sing well and she'd never heard me before, but I still compared myself to the other girls (even though they were squeaky, high-pitched 9 year olds)


epic gamer

Affan Ansari


Jeronimo Rios

Ty changed more the beard

파도 위 어디쯤인가

serendipity korgath

epic games store........ a shame game looked good to :(

İki Dost

There is a funny video on my channel


this vid has 41m views, thats insane


Ugh, the lyrics are so cliche it’s cringeworthy. Completely unimaginative and predictable. The similes have all been used a thousand times before. Well, at least I can hear what he’s saying, not just a buncha mumble.

Jaden Amaya


Saswat subham

Will coby ever win a battle

Insane SportsKids

Dylan is hilarious

The Furry With no money

the turkey is also a reference to ac 5 where conar is about to die by hang then assasinturkey comes and kills the gaurds and save him

Gaming with Bri

This is so fake a teacher would never say that to a student


Baby fupa Theodor!😭

Marco Palacios

You can spot a controller near the end of the movie, could it be how the ps5 controller would look like?

Conor Simmons

garret at the end eating the chips; thats me.

Julian Grant

C'mon, man...there's like 6 months of the year left.....GIMME A DAY, DAMN IT!!!


Who is panda

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Hey you stole my video!!

Issa Lyndie

cries over getting a b other than a i freaking getting c’s and d’s chill out wtf

Rathna Reddy

and also the panda dunk

Darrell Williams

Give me 33? News flash genius they still would have lost. So what would have been the difference? These clowns try at every turn to diminish this IJS