Sethii Shmactt - News Flash (Prod. RAF)

Andrea Castellanos

Nooooooooooooooo Chandler you need to win

Connor Schachow

u gotta film a steph curry video

Meme Master

How? I sabotaged it just like the guy said

Bienfait Hongeza

Mm those dudes are so funny

aida7160 aida7160

Team Coby all the way. Shoutout to CB Draws on YouTube. Like and sub. Also Coby you seriously need to win a battle.

Daniel and Shaicy VLOG Perez


john smitty

the buttglue question was by far the best


Domino's Vs Papa Johns??


I wonder how many tries it took


splatoon he has 666 points creepy

Eziyah Strong

This happened to me in 4th grade And as soon as I got home and told my mom I was scared to tell her but I knew it was wrong and I did not know the boy who did it but me and my mom took care of it

Jac Fourie

I actually have been in the hospital before and i don’t know how long I was there but it felt like 3 weeks. I had an asthma atack. It all happened one night when I was lying in my parents bed and I started to find it very hard to breathe. So I told my parents and they said they would take me to the hospital. When we got there I was immediately put in a wheelchair and I had know idea what was going on.......But luckily I am much better now.

Laurenz Moreno

0:45 Steven Universe 😐

Hussain Munsif

Rest in Peace❤

E=eating I am damned proud to be a virgin single.

James Grudnoff

its a very old bass instrament. oh and to your 1st comment.

jack hummilton

Drake can rap on every generation


"In a draw"

Emiloli [Ems]

I stood up to my bully and we ended up becoming best friends, then we eventually developed feelings for eachother but I had to move away so now we can't see eachother like we used to 😂😂😂 tbh it was kinda funny how everything turned out and how it happened in the first place, we still keep in touch every so often through SMS tho


3:14 theres one more mask, in the desk you just walked by ^^

Nicholas Mihalko

that croc part scared me XD

Fang Ting Chen

Interview salt


just got this 2day


Damn Guru...Your vids shows how much i miss things in movies when i watch them

Hhhh Writers

Is it only me that finds the fact that Emma is literally standing between two buff guys that can literally squish her funny 😂

Zachary Starling

that rc boat fishing looked so fun


That carbing one was a little too obvious. Needs more subtlety.


That's what you get playing in front of a crowd of whiney liberals

Udin Alamin

nice spikes

The rich guy

Matt Fuller

Popping Teammates with colored balls, DUDE Also everyone is beautiful in there own way, if people can't see that then that means they're ugly on the inside


This was because she didn't want to have sex?

Amy Van Engelen

I love this but I hate that the one guy’s eyebrow piercing kept switching sides.


Nóirín Uí Dhonnchú


Akasha Snow

Arya Stark vs Wendy

Fishingboy208 Smith

Hey what's up

layton edwards

whats this tune


I eatin a burger bruh



I thought the narrator is a dude


7 YEARS LATER! who's watching this on 2018?

ThePurple Worm

I can relate I can relate so bad I have fricking like over 13 different imagery friends if you can call it that and they won’t shut up it’s kinda like having this disorder but it’s definitely not

Skyler Hall

Any falcons fans here?

A wild AD

20 mil!!

Kennedy Quinn

I hope she is going to be okay!

A Lego Creation

This type of fishing should be illegal

parker cote


Sara Robinson


Riley Ahlefeldt

Sorry 4 ur lose Cod's