Drake New song (Money in the Grave ) Reaction video

Whats good Dream Kid Nation welcome back and in this video its reaction video to Drake new song Money in the Gravefollow me IG Dreamkid_20Facebook Raymond McCulloughSC rmcculoughI Do Not own copyrights Drake - Money inn the Graveor to Lil Uiz life goes on

jelle molenaar

i think people heave the wricht to dislike and if you cant heandel the rate of a subscriber than you dont worft it to heave subs even if the dislike was 4 a stupit reason ps. i would heave liked !minecraft is a rip off to there was a previus minecraft edition not made by notch ;)

Carla Smith

Go st.lous cardnails!!!

vccv vccv

Why China poor? billion of people can spend only less than $120 for monthly life!

Gianna Francesca Reyes Francisco

Tbh * IaM iN pURe cOnFUsIoN*

paper face

hi guru :l

Jadzia Wynter

Are they going into the world of the Fey folk!


Hhhhmmm im10

Junior mvp

Scooby snacks

aina winslet

3:47 his boyfriend took a bite of her bed’s headboard😂

eXo Fied

I remember when smosh did a anime episode it was hailarious

TitanSamuel Plays

At this point the hardest task is naming the shots

Laura Bjorgum

team coby


the ultimate

ლევანი GM

I know that DP means DUDE PERFECT, but I always read UP. And why I don't know😂😂

Julian deLeon

they should do a CoD drop shot and dolphin dive shot xD


Also at 9:43, "Kathryn" is clearly hinting at the "-Carthy" part of McCarthy.

Mets another girl 😔😔😔😔

craniu de usturoi

Simona Halep please🤗🤗

Jack Cole

Now all of my friends do the straw tactic

NAV EnterTainMent

Is it me or does the Statue of Happiness looks like that old bitch Hillary Clinton?

Make up youre mind girl

Don't you worry

Kirikou_est_petit Of

Am i the only one who saw the reverse scene ? 5:00 bad bad bad bad...