Young Buck "Trained To Go" [Official Music Video]

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tom bithell

0:01 thought Elsa was going against nazi zombies

Exo_l For Ever

Stan Ateez for a better life 😌😌😌

Saad Malik

You guys are so cool!

Hunter Noah


Lance Jared Ferrer Maglantay

That boi is frickin baf

Ben George

If 2018 Dallas Cowboys or the Miami Dolphins

Donald Woodward

Y'all ready for a 2,000 dollar console?

Pierre Herrera Gonzalez

2:33 esta pequeña parte se llama feli...... 😭

Keto and o.m.a.d. fall right in line with my own observations and studies. I call it the "health pyramid". goes like this: (Kind of like rock/paper/scissors or the fire triangle)

Amely ac

So i have G.A.D

kulsum zubair

this video made me cry. we got to see the kindest side of Coby which makes him an even more amazing person. I love you coby!!!!!!!

Gloria Etters



Watching in 2015 who else?

Enzo França

Aí po e Brasil

Levi Diamond

Liverpool is the best pool

Patarck Stur

Even when you don't do easter egg videos, your content is still so intriguing. This is by far funnier than any "pewdapew" video I've ever managed to actually sit through and I want to thank you for changing it up a bit, and making this video.

Kim Halsey

Is everyone just going to ignore the horrible parking job at 5:01?

Abhishek Rana

See my channel EVENTYR VLOGS


Well the dog humping just ruined my day.

Lori Hall

I was just sitting here waiting for the Rage Monster.😂

Kris Crady

They game doesn't take place in "America" it takes place in the western English colonies.

Me:*Playing video games*No.


1:40 Godzilla confirmed

Naizo (Music,Game...)

8:37 Универ старая общага

Chetan Pawar

Best video of dude perfect. If it it funny hit the like


The Pokemon one was a reach. Ruined the video.

Ben St

412 people cant even play soccer

Breezefeather Animates

You realise if you’re being deported, you don’t get a choice.

sonic is gay haha


Brianna Brewster


Graeme Hemphill-Hart

The only reason it seems so fake is them always being TOTALLY elated. YYESHEH"LKAA DWWOOOOOO

Nickie 510


Marguerite Riley

The five year anniversary is coming up

The Spa guy

Damian O'Neill

Another one ya

T Mayo

No more excuses KD !! Now your team needs you !!!!You cupcake vagina !!!

Iskandar Giusti

When Tyler made the ladder flip ME: my cousin made a vid and I broke the camera

BTS ruined my life they did the same to you

Is it just me or does she seem like a relly fun person to talk to😅

Bros Does

5:42 MF sounded like cosmo from the fairly odd parents when he got buff and said im a man a biiiiigg stroonng man

Kieran McCormack

ScoreTy - 2Coby - 0Cody - 1Cory - 1Garrett - 0

Elizabeth Reese

When thiswas made this is how many people felt bad for Garrett 👇👇

Ram Deepan Don

Ice hockey


broooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome


My Dad Is Alcoholic

just another billie eyelash stan

This is kind of unfair... I'm an intovert, but not like that


For the king aurther refrance I got the orkish sword instead of the steel sword


lol the last one refer to world order - have a nice day :)

That's her own fault there. Why getting a test, when you torture everyone else anyway?

Dylan Escandell


Pavle 240

Imali nas balkanaca


They are OP in CoD😂

Edi Cosmo

Kawahi MVP

Queen K