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nathan schrijver

Who is watching in 2017?

Romeo Vicente

Touching moments of father and son

Aïcha Kouyate

My mom was an alcoholic

Harsh Dev Gupta

In one of the dreadful crimes missions, where you investigate the disappearance of a police inspector, you have to cross examine a barber called 'Feeney Sodd' again bearing reference to Sweeney Todd, it actually revolves around a leather merchant who sells human meat

Daphne Clark


susi susu

Omg i completely forgot that it is morning right now in America,I was reading some comments I saw like...good morning... I was like what the f... it's 21:30 right now😁😁😂😂(I live in Europe)

Jessica Spears

The game beside far cruising minecraft when ugo to the first version of minecraft it's called game

Morgan Bond

Could you please do a cat stereotypes and i am a

Troy Dehne

I have 100,000 and i have a sick Lamborghini +a Nintendo,Xbox 360 and a ps4

Orange Xray gamer

heard bad words

Marc Franch

Basketball stereotypes?

Flotilla Watkins

antonio brown

Suyash sharma

Did they never heard impossible? 😱😱😱

ملك كالميرو


josh wittkopp

hey it wouldn't be a selfie if he's in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True JRR

New video but can't watch since I wanna play this game soon

astrid dolis

I saw all of your other video in another electronic but it’s doesn’t have a account

Dogemaster142 Dogemaster142

38.42 pewdiepie brofist

Omi Dalvi

10years ago, 2 legends were born

vedant mishra

Please tell me that’s not real

Such spook