Galantis - No Money - Drum Cover

Hey Guys here is my new drum cover for the week.This one is by Gallants called No Money.Web:

Bangtan's Secret Wifeu

why tf is this me what how in the world omg


James Bond is what women deserve

DreD_DreamR YT

I don't fear death, when my day comes, it comes. FANTASTIC!!

Crazy Cake 2008

That would just be traumatising...

Asher Walker


i love food

paulx eins20

Dylan ist the coolest and nicest Guy thet i know

Petty LaBitch

Isn't that the guy James Charles was trying to mack on

also them: has done a 3rd grade math sheet and looked at a map...

Big Red One

Why are people using the word LIKE constantly?

I'd use it to skip birth 😂

Chris Foss

you guys have the best job (if this is your job)


can you really show me the location of Jason in di riptide

Laura Grady


Teo Ferro

That was probably one of the coolest ways to deal with an asshole ive seen. Nice one!

Dev Singh


infin 142

cory should be the new target

Case in point - Haiti.


When they said they were showing Game of Thrones scenes, those were not the ones I expected.

And from freindly Twice

Justin Strawn

How do you guys get permission to get inside these stadiums

Josh Forde

Great 👍 Soccer skills

The cloud. XD

Gaming Jem

I'm glad you and your sisters are fine now! Keep them safe, ok!

Yisacore Møller

the Truth was better not worse????


“Nut” is censored. Babish has reached optimal family-friendly levels

Erik Michaud

It's not the wind that makes the ball curve, children... it's same reason curve balls curve and golf balls slice. The rotation on the ball, and the ridges on it, make a difference in pressure on opposite sides of the ball so it moves away from the higher pressure. The shot is legit.

sa sa


Nate: Hi I'm things

tune untuned


Fate:Zero Stay Night Unlimited