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Morgan Martin

Remember everyone,your beautiful whatever you look like

brendon puckett

That was awesome dude

Mike Gill

how many takes?


the only dub i watch is

•SAMI's World•

See 4:58 to 5:02 at 0.25 slow. Thank me later....... 😂😂

You're a Keemstar

Michele Horner

Hey dude perfectcon you do tennis stereotypes

Oh Yeah Yeah

!Oediv doog

Bryna Periman

they have to have the same amount 😂

Jen R

Hate it when moms do that


it doesn't matter what he averages. He has 3 allstars and a former fmvp on his team. if he doesn't win, it's inexcusable.


How you make this rockets?

Anayeli Hernandez

You should still be punished

Fantaisa Doodler

Worlds longest slingshot

Doris Lopez

For me it’s a perfect video at the right time. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Rishi Dinesh

🐼 suffering. I know it's a he and he's white. I saw his face 4:35 go super slow speed

Грустная Печенька



@DCshoes35 look closer moran, when camera moves it bounces over it, and the sound was too


Anyone else come here to re watch it?

Young Teddy

anyone could do what they are doing its so easy lmfaooooo tell them to keep shotting balls to hoops instead of this gay stuff lol


R.I.P. headphone users

Abby Mink

Why do I really want them to use chemicals and chemical reactions to explode peeps

Pilyne 2004

Thai drama!!


jesus..... three games in one.... l4d2, portal, and minecraft

Rosie Moreno

You did save him for being gay you made him bisexual

Hope it was that easy to just talk to someone and i just want to lock myself in my room but my mom n brother dont let me n its kinda hard to hide it since now my mom is starting to ask me if im ok or not n im afraid to tell her

Edwin Bautista

you are a very good youtuber


Golf Juggler

The best trick shots on YouTube 👍


Saved the best for last :D Great job Guru 

RG Sports Cards

my middle name is Robert


looks at title