Girls Like You - Maroon 5 Feat Cardi B (Drum Cover)

Hey Guys. New Cover.Hope you guys enjoy.Recorded and Mixed at Roxy studio Palermo by Fabio Castorino.Filmed with Gopro hero 4I'm proudly endorser with Vic firth and Dw drumsSubscribe to my channel,Check My Instagram profile to stay tuned. Your support means a lot!! Website:

North Wash Outdoors

Still a classic video 👍🏻👍🏻


The feelings at the first easter egg, 2019 kh3 !!!!

Bree J

Who edits her videos?

Megan Woods

why was the goal post bending when swope made the tochdown

Manoela Uberti

i love her voice aaa

Heleryn Kruusik

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JUST Andrei

congratulations!i hope you still make easter eggs videos please

Mr. Doge

"The earth is flat"

Brendon Ventura

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Моменты из фильмов


Random Person

Guys, chill geez...this is probably not real, and it sounds like a korean drama...(I know because I watch them a lot) and honestly, I'm loving this story lol.

Prefer a remake, with a different magic system!!

If she really is a little girl that is.


there's also a cheers reference in fallout 4. its next to swans pond

Zulfikar Ansari

so much awesome video glow in dark

Game Siren

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Chicken Permission

What movie is this?

susana Claridad

Drew brees you super new Orleans saintsYou sticksman

Johnnytest O

Tell me why I’ve just replayed this 10 times

Vicki Wood

Dude like me 😸😺😻😽😿👐🤝👊🏾🤟

David Piccola

I'm am on team necklace

adam adam

on screen 5 min behind scenes 5 weeks

James Plocharczyk

8 mill

Terry Fyed

What's your favourite Star Wars movie Guru?

Huscarl Viking

Awesome video!

-Blac Haze-

more plisss :)

Arc Ray

that last one is great, but the sound effect was terrible. lol

Caleb Manriquez

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In german the fast gibberish is

Matthew Harris

What is it with NY and aircrafts?!

Hanka a Lucka best sisters

I'm from Czech Republic



Missed the Mario silhouette. How dare you bring me such shoddy content XD

Gillbard Semons

y u be putting pewds man thats weird

Iasmina 08

That is so sad :/

Akeem Watson

This post malone beat tho🚀