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No it isn't...


tom calncys rainbow6 vegas 2 in the 3rd or 4th or 5th (:P) you have to rescue a civilian (well a guy in a chair) and when you shoot the guy who will kill him he dies and still the civilian dies.

Sun Kid

I'm an introvert too, but I have lots of friends and I'm also pretty good at socialising. Not all introverts are shy bookworms who lock themselves in their home to be alone...


I’m naturally born extremely skinny so this video should be opposite for me.


video:How many "yes" comments do you wantcomments: YES

namjoons rejected handshake

jeus christ does he even breathe in between sentences

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this is how many came here after seeing ksi instagram story


hey guys check our channel with trick shots


When you Google what ASMR means.

Sairam LP

i wish i could take care of my self back in school

Kate Stimson


Francis Mangoba

You guys are legendary tnx for all amazing videos

captain Zach

Who is watch in August 2017

Leah Gaitan

The guy ty with the beard seems pretty arrogant and every video his ego gets bigger not to mention he is conceited

cameron chlup

Freedom tower

Edwin Caamal



Shyla there is a lot of things you should stay away from, just do ur research before putting certain foods in ur body. My first dr who was a female did not give any info, i felt like i was bothering her when asking her questions, so I changed dr last minute to a male and my jaw dropped from all the info he gave me in one visit, without even asking. I wanted to hug him out of excitement. cuz he was exactly wat i was looking for, only fault was he was a male, but the comfort i got from him i did not care.

James McMullan

Thanks for the video funwithguru. I was wondering if you could do beyond:two souls? Just reply saying your answer:)


I bet he get all the chicks with his ping pong skills. :-/

Rihem Zakhama

This is just amazing lele u are so talented and professional 😍🤩