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Meral Alkhatib

Hahaha Tyler frontfliped like a ball

Лайкнувший - будет везти всё лето)

CWhee MasterBuilder


Oluseyi Babayeju

Will's picture looked exactly like him now

Default DestroyerFBR

Holqhhhhhhhh ragaranagram

The red and blue

Anwar is like not even smirking he is solid gold !



Eugenio Mugnai

Rest In Pepperoni...

Noah Johnson

Are we just going to pretend that Ty didn't miss 2nd base?

Ass Ass

Love Odell bro tell him pls

OMG_ Laughs

I know it was checkers

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Prime Brick

23 bounces

Brooke Dismang

mike trout and albert pujols. a angels edition

Zach Attack Gaming

Legend has it that Ty made the basket when he kicked it on Rage Monster...😂

Achref Legend

Weird rudy did future theme too

sweet lullaby

Bein an introvert is not because I don't want to talk to people but I find it very hard to talk to them. I feel very shy and lonely with other people around me. I try to be funny but people don't get my humor so I stopped at making weird jokes.

Miku 2

Nyc video bros

That "assignment" was A HUGE POSTER ON A WHOLE CONTRY.

Γεωργία Τσατσάκη

Me when I realized that she was J.K.Rowling : OMG!!!!!!!!

Mystical Mischa

I cant even fish

Liv Rumble

I cant even get 1 pin down going forward

Peter Pinto

Ask Cortana about "Halo Infinite"

Gabriel Canfield

great video

Colleen King

I don’t really get the unspillable cup...

Kv3D Z

Team necklace


There is also a reference to Carla the Sword Master from Monkey Island. In WoW she is named Carla Smirk and she even says "You fight like a dairy farmer!" which was one of the Monkey Island insults. You can find her on a ship near Freehold. Her last name Smirk is a reference to another Monkey Island character: Captain Smirk, who taught Guybrush to swordfight.

PRO gamer

I knew it was checkers

Jemima Jahin Jennia

3:14 the way ethan looks at her tho!!


How do nerf darts pop balloons lol

Leo Gatsby Films

Why is your profile a picture of Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk love?

Aymerik Merette

Very good shot whit the ballon of basketball 🏀

dommata geetha

Can u meet Steve Rogers

Wasif W

"Not my honour,nor pleasure" killed me..!!


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