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John Wick The Game: THE CD PROJECT RED SERIES 2077


Why do all of the faze people like flex their money in every vid


These shots are awesome but I feel like they have to be fake and that they are all just apart of a marketing plan by GM.

A Cat

Its just so damn hard to move the mouse and click. It's easier to click "Reply" and type tho =) Logic.


Music at the end ?


gtav 5 best

Michael Moore

his foot was on the line

Ranu Gogoi


Dansparce Banando

I kept telling people not to get hyped, but they're like "Nooooo Dan it will be good, trust me," "Dan, why don't you like it. it's Star Wars!" or "Dan, stop bitching about Battlefront."


I believe you both mean call of duty 4:modern warfare, thats when call of duty transitioned from good to great with its multiplayer.


I thought it was going to be some proposal or something

Day 4: Soo hungry

andrea the gamer girl

You know what this means

Zumaki Yuki

Early squadd

Chris Atherton

Fans: Are you going to tell us about the ending?Disney: No, I don’t think I will.

Emma Bunnylake

Title: I bullied my BEST FRIEND INTO Depression !

N1ghtmare Gaming

When pubg was still famous jus do this


Awww this is so cute :3

Gail Mcdonald

I understand this girl because I got ocd and I’m scared of getting ill 🙃

Coffie Gamer


pratik shinde

hey guys big fan of yours i have an idea for u guys use a basket ball anda large size basket ball net and hole and someone will throw it from far and to the one standing above the basketball post and dive thru the hole with the ball on a trampoline and it is achallenege to u guys do it if u have guts

david miller

and now with halo 2 anniversary every gun can be the scarab gun.

Hassan AhMAD

Man i cannot contain how much I'm stoked..

Cheonie Oppa

But what if you can't do ANYTHING well? I'm always average or just flat out fail.


big angry birds


620 People thought the video's about Soccer.

Akhil Chauhan

You should try some thing with a hover boards

Hibba Hafeez

this just shows how everyone has a story , loved the story <3

Jee Yuna

El ettiene from bowmasters.

Jane Dickson

That has to bee the best dunk

Yousif Y

ffs guru

Rob Ski

She really did come for dinner, goddesss ate like a boss!

Michael Reed-Larrabee

Tyler definitely

Josh Taylor

Greg Zurlein 6years later: Kicks an actual near 60 yard bucket to send them to the super bowl.

Football journey TV

Not soccer it’s football

Carolina Rollan

I hate that they fight all the time, it’s tiring

EZ Gamer05

Poor mary


Ttsukay saotome

k u just killed him but you dind teebag him thats sad but ILL FUKING LIKE THIS VID :D

zen force

they own the airport