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skate slut

The donut one was not an Easter egg because it was in one of the trailers

Brenna Hehman

Jeff: "safety is a priority"Also Jeff: visits fricking Jurassic park at least twiceAlso Jeff:*makes a gladiator ring on another planet*

Alfonso Aguirre

Next video : No Kanye - drake ft Kanye west

Bryner Chavez

Next Video Shark Fishing Battle Feat Josh Blacktiph

Kerryn S

you sould do another one

Raksha ruttun

The music just makes it so intense 😂😂😂😂🎶

Jairo Cardenas

Hii my name is aj can i be in your videos


I heard logic


OMG 😮 😱🙂

John's Playground

The footsteps sound in SW 1 sounds just like Dead Island's footsteps

Shows us a A-

Epic Draco

2019 1st day

Jerico Elijah C. Jimenez

LUKE has the sans shirt very good!


is ty the boss of all 5 human and a panda

VincentPlayz ROBLOX and More

If your boy doesent care that ur autistic THATS A TRUE BOI RIGHT THERE

Steve MC

no i did


Panda always

Landon Castillero

I always liked the minions one like equals one minion saved 😀


Deshaun Watson