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Riley McBride

My Grandma died in January because of a stage 4 Glioblastoma and the worst thing it is she tried to push everyone away, so much so she divorced my grandpa who she was with 40 years.


Perfect aiming


nice edit... cool video

Cornel Wilson

Damn, she wasn’t kidding when she said she was never the smartest.

Ashhlee Gonzales

Omg omg what the😱😱😍😍 ahh so sweet mah god the best teen couple gosh

Marcia Chicangala

Nunca gostei de frozen 😕😕👀

Mom: it’s those stupid video games and that phone.

hariprasad sarana

who is that in side panda

FF Vexilar

Plz make a video with Everson Griffen from the Vikings that would be funny AF

Cuz she fuckin with my farmers tan”

Adrian Yrigolla

Lone Ranger's hat and mask can be found in the Find Rooms and Baths.

Cody Kress

tom brady

John Rodriguez

can you find the skulls on single player?


US government: hey you want to be deported

Dnjxjxiidn HI

Yea it was checkers I knew


Isabel Gutierrez

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Reply to Josh Oakley: You need Ballad of gay tony dlc to do be black.


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poppy sundquist

It's illegal to drop out of school in NK