SHROUD REACTS TO CS:GO Rewind 2018 - YouTube

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keep it up.

Prithvi Anjan

My favourite was the one in which coby won

Burglar:*slowly closes window*

riplclip129 SCS

I'll give you a ride to the hospital

Maria José Rabelo



The emphasis on Elsa gives me hope it will actually be and focus on her,not Anna's and her group's shenannigans.


0:03 Steph Curry be like:

Elliot Rodger

Your channel is growing Guru you deserve it :)

Aaron Alexander

Wexzfrrtttttgtgÿy y y. Tyuhbbbn

Silvia Facio

If your adopted,appreciate that it's better than not having a mom or dad

Makayla Currington - Cawthra Park SS (2202)


Thätönelittlegächäbeär :3

This won't be a problem

LinabeanlovesFox YT

The chairs look like dicks

Chanelle Helle

I’m annoyed that I actually really like this 💀

Katharine Rhee

As a journalist, I fully stan and support Guillermo

Julie Hughes

Is Coby ok

Kelleyann Maloney

Panda in 1 Garret in 2

deadpool game are all the references

Fernando Mora

14 bounces


what kind of rube goldberg trickery was that intro

Diegothegamer Santillan

Who is watching this in 2017?

josh ngahiwi

Shit song u don’t even know death note


Could you possibly do glitches again?


Please make a part two

Greenie Dan

Sub is better than Dub! But Specially Exception for Dragonball, can't stand someone's grandma voicing goku