Skjöldr's Scary Stories: "The Man in the Book" - YouTube

Hey guys Erik here, I guess Skjöldr is getting real into Youtuber fan fiction these days. Either way, I'm not gonna lie this made me shed a tear.

This is a JOKE!

Keep up the amazing videos dude!


Last year Starbucks opened its first location in Milan, Italy. 24 more stores will be opened across the city in the next few years. 逆輸入だね!

Tylon The Ninja

Cory in the house will always be the greatest anime next to airplane instruction videos from the 70's

Lenin Morales

you arethe best

Dapper Walrus

I found the fallout one so many times not realizing it was a reference


Keep it up Guru! I love your videos (.. and toy story :D)


Great track can't wait for the album #tmc

Panda _Music


Trevor Rose

It’s been 10 years and YouTube recommended me this video. Anyone else?

Emmygirl1 Phluffey

I'm not crying...



Joe McMullian

LeBron James PLEASE

Hijao Shongolo

I feel like I got surgery to but I was a problem child .

Little T Awesome


prabha swarnakar

paint gun battle

Gacha Family

Is this like Lele’s video?


I surprised the Daily Beast hasn't blamed Trump yet...

Kelly’s Channel

Stupid stinkhawks. Tom Brady’s 100 times better than this guy

GamingStaRz Chaîne

or Tom Raider

David G

@TechSlayer000 oh shit I see it, each time I pressed that 9 second mark you posted it was the black guy lol