Sneaking into Day 2 at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, MD. Got to see performances from Hippie Sabotage, Lil Uzi Vert, Yellow Claw, and Excision. All footage is captured on iPhone 7 and GOPRO HERO5Song: "Buy it" by Lil Uzi Vert (LUUDE Flip)

Kat S

This really isn’t accurate for describing what it feels like. It’s just your story of childbirth. And you are the only person to describe an epidural as “excruciating” 😂

Kim Zitao

Yeah I call this bullshit, you're a horrible person and your wife stupid for accepting you back


Mia Wasabi

3:46 Prft. Description doesn't not go with the images. Lmao.

Yoongri Edits

I really hate ANXIETY! i had ANXIETY before! 🙁

Kaleb Gillem

We're are dude perfect at

Aidan Lewis

The even longer ball I think the guy in blue is panda

A turret

2:13 is that saying im bad >:(

Sarkis Hanna


Cancer - Kills human

Trey Boudreaux

Panda on that jet ski tho

Lazy planets


Tristan Oesterle

Is November here yet? Because I can't wait for this



Luvan _

To the girl who experienced this, I don't understand how you could stay so strong through it all. You inspire me to keep going through my struggles. Thank you for sharing your story, everyone down here in the comments loves you. I can tell you are determined. You will get your sister back. Continue being the person you are <3

Dre Deda

Yo thats Joe Santagatos brother