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Snoop Dogg - "Sixx Minutes" 0:002: Snoop Dogg - "In Love With a Thug" 04:423: Snoop Dogg ft. Dr.Dre,Hittman & Six-Two -"Bitch Niggaz" 08:254: Snoop Dogg ft. Nate Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz & Master P - "Lay Low" 12:445: Snoop Dogg ft. C-Murder & Mr.Magic - "Buck' em" 16:306: Snoop Dogg ft. Dr.Dre - "The Wash" 19:187: Snoop Dogg ft.Knoc Turn'al - "The Way I Am" 22:418: Snoop Dogg ft. Master P - "Snoop World" 27:289: Snoop Dogg ft. Uncle Chucc - "Neva Have To Worry" 32:4810: Snoop Dogg ft. 2pac - "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" 37:12


Right when I heard the news of ff8 remaster for ps4. My heart felt so happy, relieved and was crying of joy even though I wasn't literally crying. Man i'm so hyped for this square Enix slaps us with the ff7 remake trailer finally showing of tifa the ultimate waifu, then this. Please take all my money square enix!!!!

Benjamin Plumber

At one point when you are heading towards Zachary Comstock's office on the zeppelin, he'll say " can't quite put your finger on...". That's what Ryan tells you right before the big plot twist! Probably just another reference though.

Axton Pitchford

4:15 lmao I feel so bad for you TY

Allies leaders (Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill) vs. Axis leaders (Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito/Showa or Tojo)

Shigruy U

Happens to the best of

TTV BigJxelly


ThechedCravad 12

Package : Fragile Delivery man : 2:19

Inferno Play 20

I seen the show

2. The one that hides it.

Ashok kumar Patro

Make a video on cricket

Emma: I dIDnt TRy

Mr always racing


Fortnite trick shots

When Ian stopped having bowl hair: no one cared

Sam Trimble

1. ive always thought ty was a baseball player. 2. I think ty shouldnt be doing so many shots give garret and cody a shot for some of em!!!

Ahmed Amair

Sample thieves was terrific

Jesus is Lord

Wow this is PATHETIC

2000 Subs no vids

I can sum this up for you guys there parents never died and she is going to get them back you will see in November

Mr. Tate

how many metal gear games are there?


How many hours of work do you put in a video like this?

No way. I thought you died.

Kylie Retizos


nah jk school is great uwu

Ben Simpson

i love all of your Easter egg videos


If you play it back in slow motion he didnt lick the fish

Brandon Corbin

Screw Johnny Mangina AJ Mcarron all the way ROLL TIDE

Jon Moll

Panda is all of dp guys because panda has the voice after one of the shots


DP do the Maniquen challenge

Final Destination

Фу такой пездежь

Bubba Smith

Dallas Cowboys

60% of the comment section=complaining about edgy teens claiming to be psychopaths

Jokes on You .


IcySnowy Queen

what kind of question is that;

LOL Gacha

What is autistic

Kevin Can

The best shot was the very first intro shot :D

Ajinkya Gaikwad

2:52 is most perfect.


Bravo! We know your name in Maryand.

Princess EatJIN

How'd he go from tan to white

Alif Hezreel

FunWithGuru make a watch dogs easter egg episode

Juan Vivanco


Flippin' in the House

Also 2017

User User

at risk? Do I have it or not.

DerpyJolteon 201

This is actually my story. I was so surprised to see it since i know there are a lot stories that are probably a lot more interesting than periods. Its been a long road and I still have lots of pain but it has let up a lot. Im looking into doctors to help treat everything and now my cycle has been a lot more normal. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

LaShaunta Smith

That was sad


COD was already dead, they are just burrying it right now :D

zuzu zuzu


Christian Markley


what will i experience when in dead? when im underground what will i see?

The Stig

i like how most of the time the top comments are just people repeating what they said in the video.

Judith Rentschler


Brownie Gaming

Do Tim Hortons next!!!

Tomek Pinkos

this is "boss" from Red dead revolver

max smelser

Spaceballs is actually a parody to starwars so…

T Rex

im early, HOORAY!

Maximilien Robespierre vs Leon Trotsky

SeanRai Bitsinnie

who is the panda!!! and more paint ball


No coby but there is panda????

Votece T

Eww clean yourself 😷