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Anastasia McAvoy


D & T

when you see crocs 1:03

Fredrik Netterman

No. But not being allowed to tackle makes it.

Luke S

Red team won at the last second can you believe that!!say all of the numbers to say yes 1234567890

itsgabby yes

This is so cool

wolverine logan

lol dudee

Miguel Correa

Do you supposed to put


Those WOW sounds were also heard in the ahn qiraj temple, way back in vanilla. I think it was meant to be from C'thun.

Faith D-C

She’s such an ungrateful bitch...


I know one case in real life, a man has slept around with others. He has an amazing life, well-paid job and the person whom he stays with, still with well maybe Karma is not real at all


Rafe Marcial

You can see the dents in the cars

alex kokunew

I wanna be there too ;(


This literally happens to me exactly like this and I hate it.

wanderson costa

É sapatão. Rs

Karina Marmolejo

Who do you think did better?

Starlight Fox

I have A food relationship.

Erin Vroman

Banana swirl I don’t know what that is!BANANA SWIRL


Whps watching in 2019

Bernad Tambunan


Adam Weyer

u guys should do a flip edition 2

M Keyne Sujanto


Edit: Keep it in gaming.

Katherine Wu

the bloopers are sooo much better than the trick shots! my OCD is cured lol

*•* :P

I don’t get it - he shot her and himself? How? There was only one gunshot right?

Melissa Bucur

50 seconds the addicted

Michael Adams

dude i cant tell if your a cowboys fan or not?

Mandy Lifestyle

You promise your friend you will not tell anyone but you told 10000 of people

Chris Chris

If they all waiting for him then the rest of the team is shit we will win with him or without him good bye now

up4t gt

marry her

Minglu Tsui


1) A113 Life

Bob The builder

Cody: don’t know what your seeing hope there’s not a shark near bye puts camera underwaterMe: bro lol he put the camera underwater and there is three sharks shown in the camera

Ben Johnson

Team neckliss

Austin the Boss


Sorrow In A Can

wow the spectre and inglorious basterds one was awesome!

Jopro Subscribe

My parents say this is inappropriate.What the ****?This is the 6th most famous channel on YouTube!It is hilarious and does no damage to your health!

Izzy Tube

Next week will be my birthday on Tuesday, the 4th of June so your video will be one of my birthday present 😊

Bella and Cylie BFFS

Soooooo glad they are rich in every video they destroy expensive things

Owen Sechtman

I have anxiety to... And I'll tell you that is how it feels. This video is 100% legit


Football fans like here


@forestgriffin95 You have to throw grenades where i do to blow up the barrels. Then it will appear.

Gamer2004 Destroyer

The WiFi short film NEEDS to be uploaded itself

Pure Tweakage

The better Easter eggs are on the first borderlands



There's evil within, too stares at screen ...well played

quietkill3r 34

who is the panda?


I love this game even more now.


i am sure north Korean did not say china is bad

God Hard

Is from brasileno


RIP panda at 1:27