Stand Battle | Buck or Die Chicago (2019)

Lara Playz

Yes arsenal goo you gunners

Giovanna Cautiverio

I don’t like the ace family their fake and I don’t like fake people🤢🤢🤢


if your wondering what happened richtoften gained control of the zombies and maxis is getting the others to help destroy the section of the map you start at and it breaks of earth so richtoften cant take over the world with an undead army

I didn’t win fortnite She is Soo bad..

curtis dodds

12:50 soooo next portal game on the moon?

But, she doesn’t accept my aid.

Score Master

Ok so how am I suppose to know what this is about???

Paul Miller

Patrick Mahomes


I don't have what she has-- but I can relate to every single detail.

Allain Lacomble

i kant wats dis fidio

I am Bananananana

I wonder how long it took to draw this

Hardik Mall


Παντελής Μπαλασκώνης

Team tyler


whoever tapped her first wins

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he doesnt do fake vids

robby pflugmacher

in gta5 go into that store in the midle of nowhere and go into the bathroom and go to the last stall shoot the door 3 time if its thear and open the tolet seat and a giant spider will pop out

Spartacus Smith

I love the Fallout series

Fab Litz

Best moment! 8:48 - 8:58



Fhakrur Radzi

Why not you guys try a recurve bow after this 😏

Unless they hit you.

BTS Infires My Soul

Im introvert as well. I have couple of loyal real friends who i love being with, but i prefer being alone. I just love it. I really love going to watch sunsets and fireflies and taking pictures of it, thats where im always and thats what really makes me happy. I prefer my own colorful world rather than parties, loud music and socializing ofc

NorAisah Abdul Samad

The Departed (2006)


Best turkish translate 😁 He love you cemre


”why is grandma black?”

Julienne Pineda

Tyler laugh