Starting Your Home Drum/Recording Studio w/ Beatdown Brown

A rundown of my own personal studio and bit of advice for those looking to get into recording drums at home.

Lynn Fuhr

video game battle is the one you guys should do next!

Honey Ann

You TOTALLY have recourse against the storage company for letting someone into the unit after the auction. But, BTW, didn't you have your OWN lock on the unit after you bought it?


What does it mean

ALAN WALKER the amazing

who is panda

Myra Smith


And the Jerk (dunno how to spell his name)

Monica Martinez

That doctor looks like a douche

Renan Felipe


Nikki McCoy

My papa is the old guy. He's a legend at golf

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Flipo Gun

Coby here

Ali Yousif

Stephen currrrryyyyyyyyyyyy

Cool Guy Cal

the same thing happened to me except i had mine for 3 months.. it was horrible !


I love this but dont do only movies like you said on your last video, the editing is also nice but that is better voor movies

calming bliss.

El Quica

Who else came here just to comment

Qz Shouto

if you give ur birthname ur mom will pay the cost so dont ever do it

Justin Santiago

Guru I love you.... sexually

Calfroper 123


Not in a bad way

Crystal Garcia

Really he couldn't spell tyga lol but he knew about him being a rapper lolol soo funny!!

Andrew Boyer

Or he just likes Red Dead more, like I do.

Nicolò Ceriani

Ce un collegamento anche in battelfild hardline


Just playing though second game. I wonder if this is gonna be same crap. As 2nd isn't even saved by a co-op mode. It's just plain mindless stupid shooter . With lots of filler quests known from any other Chinese mmo games lawlz.

Eyadplays MC

USA all the way

Savvy Savannahs World Of Fun

You should flip donuts!!!!!🍩🍩🍩

Princess Peart

go to hell

Perry Gilbert

1:39 when you in the kitchen late at night and you hear your mother coming downstairs with a belt

hello Pearl

When she said that she “put gasoline on her arm and the maggots went deeper into her arm” I was like ouch and 🤢🤮

kawssar ali


James Wallace

People don’t think nearly as much about this stuff as you do.