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Emotioness Expression

Both :)


Tyler is wearing crocs

Luke Drason

Team cody

Hockeydude 97

Who is watching in 2090

nicolas rojo

Guys how about Indonesia



Sophi Essandoh

Did any one see that man looking down a his crochet 0:19

Oozma Kappa

Poor panda

Marina Parra

Keep strong, sister

Thats so watermelon

1:33 then i can never speak to them -,-

1:19 also, she looks like Zero Two in this drawing TEACHER: okay class if you dumb come out my class

Alyssa Kush

All of them deserve to graduate!!😂

Adnan Abdelkrim

that was awsome xD

I’m Adopted

He can get a strike backwards I can’t even get one forward

Jason Lei

Curry adv 33 points a night! wth is this dude smoking?

J-eazy #4

the next celebrity should be chris stapleton

sonny rowse

My sorry


Is it possible red meats tends to be more processed then poultry? I wonder if this theory changes.

Sandeep Gaurav

Could have followed a better line

napoleon Simpson

I got punched from behind in the head I went to the princepal they did shit all so me and my mum went to the police they told us they couldn't do anything to the boy even if he pushed me over and I cracked my head open and died like what the fuck so no fuck the princepal fuck the police best way to deal with that shit is to give the bully a beating

0:39 Absurd Recurds This Story is Ab

meron avisar

Grateful video thanks u buddy 🤙

Dominic Burns

Team GB 🇬🇧🇬🇧🥅🏒⛸🥌🛷🎿⛷🏂

James Gamon

That's amazing how they can pull this of because it cost like $500 a person when I went to sky ranch camp

My Springy Pony

Irish squad ☘️


wheres coby

Me: which toilet paper brand is the cheapest?


Who else facepalmed when the girl spoke up? No one? Okay well I did so...

Raul Cab.

Im sorry ea but I can't trust you no more. How you butchered my precious battlefront was the last straw

Stewie Griffin

Your 17 get a job loser Ik it’s fake though

Latifah Mind Ashaari



Does it make you feel good that your harming sharks?



Koen Cayabyab

Don’t you hate it when people say 2018 anyone?2018 anyone?

Aarnav Tibrewal


Deepak Deepu

I want that car

Harry Mathers

Me: this is nice


I waited for this video for a long time. You're awesome Guru!

david barber

eating takis

Gabriel Vieyra

Simon and Charlie look like twins

kolorful klaire

they really censoring bully I - 😭

Ahmad AJ

me i watch it on 2016

Drake Dragon

CD project red can you make a 3rd person option in game? I wanna watch my girl ass while she is walking in that futuristic city