Joey Trap - 30 Clip 2 (Bass Boosted)

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Tamia Turner

When i hear the word bipolar i think of a crazy person with crazy anxiety

Fästy the cheeto

This was really sad.

averey merino

What about 2nd story and balcony and a pool

James Siegert

make a video with Justin Tucker of the Ravens.



Good Golly Miss Molly

Are you serious??? 😂😂😂

Ezra Jarrett

You stink like alkahall and sigeret

Clemens Muehlegger

What happens with the poor sharks?

django 2011

Your almost getting the Ruby custom play button if you go that one I will sub you

Anne Isopod

Actually i think the game's based off the story, so yea. you're right.

jgotswaggyoo ok

I really felt this Onm

chris beech

I love dude perfect😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Symptom 5: Yeah... Ive always felt anxious though... and Ive completely lost motivation in everything I do ever since I got into 4th grade. 2. Uninstall social media apps Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE the ofra highlighters. (I just think they’re too pricy)

Emu Brownie Hunter Yeah boi!!!

eww! you don't flush

Day full Of dream

my first crush was in elementary school oh how he was handsome and he played that i think of it all the guys i had a crush on were soccer players but one was a comedian and he was so funny oh my gosh people are right girls fall for jocks i mean how could i not they were so cute but disgusting at the same time but that didn't matter it was true love! well one sided true love like i would ever let him know my feeling and the crush left as fast as it came its like i didn't have it in the first place

gmail account

4:08 Ty’s F-bomb

Dreama Time

I Love it 3000

Paarth Pokuri

coby has 0% chance ,team cody all the way

Astrids Allerlei

Yay it's continuing omg I love it! :D


I wonder if it'd be good mixed


10 facts about you:1. You are reading this comment2.You are realizing that is a stupid didn't notice I skipped three.5 You're checking now6. You're smiling7.You are still reading my comment9 You didn't realize I skipped eight10. You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.11. Youre enjoying this12. You didnt realize there are only supposed to be ten this to one video and tomorrow will be the best day ever.