Steve Miller Band - Take The Money And Run/Rock'n Me - 9/26/1976 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Steve Miller Band - Take The Money And Run/Rock'n MeRecorded Live: 9/26/1976 - Capitol Theatre - Passaic, NJMore Steve Miller Band at Music Vault: to Music Vault on YouTube:


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Infinite Playz

Anybody watching in 2019?

Joel Garza


kyle lozinski

was that really needed look at everyone else just talking about the video but you decide to target a gaming community instead


4:14 Another Small bookcase easter egg. If you look to the a few books to the left of the Red Dead book, you can see one named "American History Y" Refering to the film "American History X" starring Edward Norton. It looks like the book in the game says that it is written by "H. Potter" Correct me if i am wrong.

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Is this supposed to be inspiring? It was cringy to me tbh

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Michael Smith


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Ebba Malm

This was really sweet and I relate A LOT to it. I am autistic and I can see myself in a lot of the things she brought up. I also got a lovely boyfriend with red-hair, maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it’s a awesome video! I love the story teller and the drawing

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Flaming Bird


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Loved the countdown music.

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last shot was my favorite

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Great video as always guru!


Did you mean Episode 1?

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Hey! You probably won’t see this, but, can you pleaseeee make a video about Trigeminal Neuralgia?? It’s one of (if not THE most) painful thing a person can experience, and hardly anyone knows about it!

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At 9:55 Wut song is that???? IT"S FIRE!!!!


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Why was this in my recommended?

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