Sting grandes Exitos [Full album] - Las mejores canciones de Sting

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Endymion, the Master of Memes

We will build a wall to hold back oceans but not illegal immigrants? Lmao.


Hey...A win is a win. 🍻

Pedro Kamoshita



Woah woah woah . When I was a child and was going to therapy i got diagnosed with anxiety and all this time I been living with it i just wasn't aware of how bad it was . But seeing this video opens up my mind . Wow just wow.


LuRe Remix add me xbox to play online october 1st tell me if i have to many friends :)

Matheus Marques

it is also an easter egg. The game AC3 happens around the day 12 21 2012.

Apex clips every now and then

Yea okay uhhhDafuq


Obada Fateh

Na mate its shit story wtf is this you are a man you will be a man fuck off with your i want to be a woman thats impossible ok you have a di

She not maniacc

Storm Soul

2 Rocket battle 1 Boat Battle 1 Airsoft battle royale Make another battle


Guru's groceries nice

Dallas Price

1:43 She might be the greatest..

Beckett Games

Gaming stereotypes like if agree

Voracious Child

Shady, cheating refs. They still lost. Laughing at KD, stay classless Toronto!!

Ryan Luke

00:2 was he on stairs

123!!!ren 123!!!ren

i'm probs colour blind or something cause that don't look red to me


you should have gotten officially amazing to film you, (might get a few more subs( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

YouTube recommended section “I shaved my head in my sleep”

EthanFun TimeGaming

Don’t you think that was eggtastike

That Guy From You Tube

can someone help me?

Derek Tirado

This is my life but not my story


now we need panda edition, where whoever is in the panda suit does trickshots and ty is in the panda suit.

Damen Rowland

you have to realize that society in England isnt riddled by feminism like america is and the men arnt made in to pussie beta males by your liberal feminist government so you cater to womens need , in England james bond is a mans man and men here are real men


Question. Is it just a coincidence that this game looks similar to dishonered?

Ro 50

4:08 is that a censored bleep

This is a good video, it's more important to take care of yourself than proving to others that you can work harder. At my job, people sometimes work while sick and sneezing and coughing. That is incredibly gross. Not to mention unhealthy to them. Whenever I get a severe cold, even if it's not a flu. I call sick.


I love you man , but it feels creepy when i watch these easter egg videos , i dont know why.

weeb stablook


1:59 Seonghwa (blond hair); vocalist, visual

Kids these days ;-;

cooper Derrick


Kevin Laguna

He creeps me out

Onyxx _

Please perish.

I’ll be wearing it between July 9th and July 30th

TBG Gamer

Sorry for this but have to advertise somehow, please come view my video anyone!

Danny Willams

This girl is a extreme crybaby who is very spoiled. She is living the luxury life compared to me. Damn milenals


Your wife's got mad...

Chrystapher Perrin

lightskins always supoort Drake , I def peep the OVO trousers . lol

Ariels4life DIY's

Why dose grason look so hot at 4:40 just me ok

Smitha Suresh

i am your biggest fan i live in india kerala Trivandrum

Zeta Krysle

Was this reuploaded?

Ma. Aurora Susada

who came here for the easter egg spinner

Kari Ford-Scott

Lionel Messi should be next