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Op Gaming

I am still asking my parents one question : Why and what do i mean with why did god take my cat i loved her almost more than anything in the world she got run over and died i never got to say good bye


Mrbeast next challenge you should go to the fort in santongisting

Bella Brown


Daniel Pedley

Some of these lines gotta be referring to Eminem’s diss towards him, but could also just be towards all the haters parroting what others have said

Methemeister 69

Whats the point of filming this vid if they're only showing people

Fug Ebin Meme

@CalmKiwii i have no clue why he has it then

Name No

2:28 Gunna’s part 🔥🔥🔥🔥

jhon velez

2:04 Bichtofen XD, ok no...

Me: gasps

Hayden Swanson

Coby dropped his blitzball in the intro

Rebekah Hedge

Something similar happened to me my boss had a heart attack and didn't get to the hospital in time i also remember the date i saw him last and the date he died sad that that happens that often

JB Balatian

1 like= 41.5 septillion punches to the P.E teacher

Coco Cat28

My Jasmin has disappeared a long time ago....oooff

Lilly Pad

You guys should of go to the south

To say first

Chantal Martin

If I die and I am given a choice to choose between staying dead and go to heaven or come back alive into hell. I would pick he’ll without a doubt because I love my sisters too much to leave them behind. They have nobody to look up to and both our parents left us. It was just us three for a very long time and I had my own medical problems to deal with on top of it, so yeah. Coming back to hell to be with my sisters is what I would do. I would never leave them behind. Like our parents did.

Kenzo Louis

Maybe dutchball for next sport

The Front End Developer



2:06 anyone else here cool as a beyblade



3:06 it's a double trick shot notice how the basketball went up through the hoop after it bounced

Chloie Hahn

So sweet!

Brian Cespedez

Guru what result given the 40 letters of the murder? Is there no way to follow the steps that are drawn on Mount Chilliad? -Greetings from Argentina

Da potato of Wisdom

I tried, my mom said I was lying for attention

sorry not sorry

Never thought id see the day

Cody: if it doesn’t brake can I count on you for a green. So funny. Love you Cody jones

# Zephyr Woomy #

Everybody takes my depression, anxiety and ADHD for granted. I mean, I may have a few privileges in my school, but sometimes it affects me physically...


you miss the alien ship with alien an blaster in cave

Marina Petrovskiy

Can we get the big hoop

Mia Ford

She looked like Chloe Decker in the thumbnail for a split second.

Alexis Doe

Marbles is such a sweet, adorable boy and I love him

Julius Mattiacci

Pardon my ignorance but Holiday 2020 means beginning or end of 2020??

Jason Davey

Tom brady

Lee Hopp

F2 was better

No. Mum


DD spaguettio

this is my favorite dude perfect video of all time

Now...why did you do that? I still don't know why people fall for that?



I Rain

1:29Me:Alright. Now where's Merida?

Spooky Skeleton

43:09 Who noticed that BroFists are written on the stones?

Split: Ooh, so it's like Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Vasiliy The Human

Michael Scott vs Ron Swanson


I think she's boy lol

Tyreek Simpson

Netball stereotypes

Batty Ghøst

It wasnt even her fault at all.. you were so very young and didnt know what to do at all.. its a very sad story.. that you honestly cant help but have ur heart drop to your stomach hearing the sadness story. :(