Surviving Cash Money Documentary | Part 1

April, 2015. Shots are fired into the tour bus of Lil Wayne. No one was hit but the shots definitely seemed meant to do more than just scare the rapper, who was embroiled in a massive legal battle with his record label, Cash Money, over unpaid royalties to the tune of 51 million dollars. Part 2: Music Group had advanced Birdman and Cash Money $100 million dollars. Young Money Records- Lil Wayne’s label under Cash Money, of which he is 49 percent owner, is home to Drake and Nicki Minaj- 2 of the absolute biggest pop stars of the last 10 years… they have their own legal actions against Young Money and Cash Money. Universal Records also was not paying royalties to the Young Money artists because of the money that Cash Money owed to them for the advance. Not long after the April incident an arrest was made- of a man named PeeWee Roscoe- Young Thug’s tour manager and Bloodmember. Jimmy Winfrey is his name and phone calls from him to Birdman directly before and after the attack on Lil Wayne got him arrested and put Birdman and Young Thug in serious legal jeopardy. While PeeWee Roscoe was in jail, Birdman was recorded saying something to him that definitely made it appear he had paid Winfrey for incident. The phone convo was uncovered as part of a separate civil case, filed by the tour bus driver, Alvin Lewis ... against Birdman and Young Thug. Court documents, obtained by TMZ, show Alvin Lewis testified that Birdman had promised Winfrey $250k and a Porsche for the crime. Jimmy Winfrey, aka, PeeWee Roscoe, pled guilty in November of 2015 to the attack on Wayne’s tour bus. But who is PeeWee Roscoe? Turns out he was Young Thug’s manager- the artist tapped by Birdman to replace Lil Wayne- who went so far as to title his album the “Barter” a play on words from Lil Wayne’s “The Carter” series. The B was added as a reference to the “Bloods”- which Thug, Roscoe, Baby, and Wayne all claim allegiance- a whole other story which is just as strange as this one.How did Winfrey become Thug’s manager? How did he get into the rap game? Another strange story. When T.I. Harris got caught by the Feds trying to purchase lots of illegal guns and worked out a plea deal that was probably the most lenient deal ever in a case where a multiple felon was involved with firearms- which usually gets you at least 5 years in the pen, he did a show called “Road to Redemption” while out on bail. In the show, T.I. mentored a troubled teenager… named Jimmy Winfrey...who later became PeeWee Roscoe the guy who pled guilty to shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus. Winfrey took a 20 year plea deal, but in July of 2018, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the judge “impliedly threatened” Jimmy Carlton Winfrey to take the plea bargain by threatening him with a longer sentence and his conviction was overturned. As of now, it appears from the Georgia Department of Corrections website that the charges were involving the actual gunplay were dropped and that he was convicted of only..." participation” a charge which, and this is kind of scary, actually, gets you 10 years in Georgia. Roscoe has been in prison for almost 4 years now so he will probably get out in the next few years. Maybe he will have a Porsche waiting for him, though Baby’s track record in paying his bills isn’t very good. New Orleans has always been one of the more dangerous cities in America and in the 1990’s its homicide rate reached the highest levels of any city in American history. This is the environment that both No Limit and Cash Money grew out of.

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