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DasKeksSchwert 2

Do some Fortnite trickshots

Andrew Mouser

Anyone in 2019

Grant Bishop

3:07 first dab

Brittney Forbes

Juanpa is so cute

Nick Chambernator

Storm trooper sees buddy insta killed. "Movement!"

Connie Torres

Film with Antonio Brown please

Matt Stonie: ez

SmoshlyGaming_YT Anonymous

You should make giant Mac and cheese

TheSavagestShot 13 Merry Christmas

I would beat all of them in the FanDuel food eating contest, I'm a 10 year old and love your vids and eat super fast

Bethany Spokes

Lmao I’d never have the guts to shoot at something in the air, those arrows are soooo expensive

Rebecca Kenney


Claire From troll hunters

Does anyone else notice that the friend looks like Patton from sanders sides?

Natasha Burch

My Heart goes out to KD 🙇


0:19 ok ok, nice battle, cool content. 0:21 Oh fk where did mr.beast com from.

Mayra Rodriguez

Tell me what you want round two what Is Tyler singing under water

Christopher Heisler

the music... uagh. RUINED THIS

Bertram Zeek

I’m 6’9” & I don’t out-walk anybody. I’m just not in a hurry. 5’3” moms with a “can-I-speak-to-your-manager” haircut will breeze pass me, leave a bruise on the back of my leg from their purse, & will be a quarter of a mile down the sidewalk before I realize what happened.

Denver Balbin

Sali po kayo NBA

Heihidu Trò Chơi

Fan Garrett

Solar StarFox

I like the random Panda moments

Charles Linski

I what it becausemy dad worked in thearmy

Ephrem Bejiga

why is cody pulling his shorts down

Carter M

I'm a person I don't have any friends

Ellie.S Goof

So basically drugs

William Wentz

3:08 the rage monster

jackson massey

The last shot from inside to out side and caught it

Alex Collins

At 23:44 who is Samantha? Is it that little girl that holds the teddy bear cause I can't see

Black to Black

ayyy saints!!


Sorry I’m a bad person, I’m leaving soon

Lego Gaming

Where did you find that place

Rocket Dino

7 year old kids be like:( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Nicolas Cage

Epic!! You guys should do another one!

dank grumps

Did you meet Keanu?


When Drake sings “yeah you got it girl you got it” reminds me of make me proud

Brand X

All about the ribs at Roadhouse. Yum!

Moonlit Gacha

Thank you for saying this!I’ve been so depressed lately,Thinking about my ugly eyes.I was getting more sadder and sadder.But now ever since I watched this.I’ve been more happier.




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Lovin this ofc

Anime Maniac26

My mother is sick but she doesn’t want to tell me it in details. I know that it’s not deadly though. It makes her tired easily, but she just doesn’t rest when it’s needed. I try to do whatever i can to make her happier or relaxed. I love my mom and she doesn’t deserve those struggles.


I approve of Dwight.


Can u guys give the bloopersI really wanna see alvaro morata misses

Takshak Stan

I wonder in about 30-35 we could order things from universe like now we order through internet