Testing out some drum hacks! Some of these were new to me so I wanted to see how well they work!Subscribe:This Channel:Channel:Tips & Tricks:Projects: Drum Set Project:Second Channel:


Your videos always give me goosebumps holy heck

Eric Stiles

"Nope" that was me 100%

Khushi Kaushal

I would loose it the first day itself.

Dharun SD


Chelsi Meeds

Thinking of you and your family and for peace in all of your hearts. xoxo I’m so sorry for your loss.

Not too bad of a game, though, gameplaywise


For every fan that cheered when Duran went down lastnight, that loss is for you. We Canadians don’t do that, you’ve embarrassed the city of Toronto.

A Phoenix Born

Need to get out more, there's so much more to life than this balls

King Poet

Forever live Nipsey 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Edit: thx for the likes

Laura Yeadon

I liked garrats shot

Speric X

0:35 the zombies are coming

Fatima Sheikh

I really need to talk to someone but I fear that they won’t understand and think of me as a phyco and dramatic

AK Beast


Daniel Villareal 2

Rip Fortnite


4:43 this guy looks so strange


they are all wearing the same color 😹😹 pretty much

xem Pro101

give us one realistic game without scientific or magical bullshit


what's the 8 bit song at the end?



Peter Parker

The real question is not how your dog will look out the window,but why does Tyler have that stuff in his car,

Travis Newsome

Thanks I have to buy new speakers...😂😂😂

Chilly Bee

I saw the title and I'm like, Bruh.

billion bong

Your background is way louder than the audio in the clips of the films. Also the r2-d2 in transformers is a bit of a stretch lol

freddie jeffroy

I wonder if they knew that alonso killed someone

☑Easter egg hunting skills on point


Honest to god I don't like commenting on YT but I have to say,



Galaxy Chan


Man if I didn't know any better I'd say Halloween is coming early. lol

Lightning Fluffi

I'm scared to tell my mom I have anxiety , the reason why is I think she'll say I'm just confused , im thinking of doing it today...


whats the car he drives at the "no country for old men" easter egg


good guy guru warns before jumpscare :)

Crazy Swan

I have anxiety too, it isn't fun.

Elise Bui

Please make more baby photo videos


My heart breaks for you. Sending love your way!! ❤💜💙💚💛🧡

Jameson Brown


leeana naidoo

Were d9 you keep all your trophies

Ula Selic

I love that she said she got an iPhone but in the picture it is an android! 😂😂

Drop some likes I’m desprate

Verse Serperic

Real question is how did he drive backwards?