THE CHUG SPLASH IS AMAZING! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #592

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Yuridia Olvera

Congrats on 10M SUBS!

Julissa Davies



the person who won I like his dances😎😂🙌👏👏👑🏀

Jordan was worked and exposed by Magic.

Emily Dominguez

Fancy could never

Callsign Reaper38

I love how they spent like 5,000 dollars in guns then like 1,000 in mask

Nfs Mw


Daniel Hinojosa

Lance Armstrong vs. Louis Armstrong vs. Neil Armstrong

Gold_ Uno

Once u go GREEN you Neva go back

Jared Fernandez

I actually found the companion cube a few days ago, but didn't notice the other references. Thanks for the vid.

Jairo Feregrino

He threw that bat far as hell 😧


Are these true stories unlike actually happened

Juan Valera


Mariana Chiulli

Can’t wait for the like to buy one

Andrew JM

Are you like 13 or something? I never said black ops 2 is better than the last of us my point being is that its your opinion that its the worst game ever. Its your opinion that the last of us is the best ps3 game ever other ps3 gamers may prefer a different game.

Elyse the Eccentric

Those cops were not having it XD

Muhammad Zulfitra

dp perfect

Super Red Suited And sonic Gameplays

My mom had a stroke too but she made it

Op tical

Live not live

Viki76 L

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite Black Ops series character is Edward Richtofen and Nikolai

Ultrabot Ultimus

Considering the state of the metal gear franchise, the beginning part is even more sad.

Barry Katz

Panda is the best dancer 🐼

Ian Pedregosa

Uh I miss Kobe