The Drums 'Days' Live @ The Observatory Santa Ana, Ca Feb 28 '16




Snow Phoenix

Then it should be named DITTWO

wmo 23


Iskandah Mohamed sharif

At first I thought Anwar was taller but when Hanna came in... Uhh Anwar is still shorter i guess and man Anwar and Hanna doesn't need to blink that long


I don't understand "fastest man in the world.Explains why you can't get a bate

It's just something I'm insecure about.. .

Battlefield: I think a killed someone

Bewilderbeast A.

RIP Darth Vader!


I liked the boat on ,and with the hell is the name of the shop man dicks

Jared Rosales

Show you're face

David Lee Cruiser

Fuck you Steven A-Hole you a piece of shit. 🖕🖕🖕

mason scott

All of the stereotypes are the spin cast guy


Neville Chapman

Thank god we all have an evo and grill.

The Gaming Geeks

I am a boy living as a boy... My mom dosen't support me

Fephie X

I was diagnosed in 2008, both of my parents took me to see two different doctors at different surgeries, all four doctors told us I was sick with a common cold, a virus, and other common infections. The type one got worse for about two months. I continued to feel and look morbidly Ill, it took me years to stop wetting myself after being diagnosed, this disease, type one, it’s smart and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and that you’re brave and courageous, remember to check your blood every night before bed. Best wishes.

Tikisaer Geometry dash/Tutorials And more

Dick's goods Store 🤣

Adam Hernandez

Refferance to Twisted Metal Anybody?

Julie Johnson

aww this is so cute


Rip buckey

سورن امین اجلاسی

My heart just got broken in 1:8 beacuase everything was timed and worked well.especialy the sadnees in his voice

Sean Baxter

Let’s just give out money

Louis Vinciguerra



There's 6 billion

_Firedog2100 _

For some reason this is still my favorite episode

Shabana Abdul Khader

The hair dryer shot

Zack the Reaper aka King Reaper


"I was there at your beginning, and i will be there at your end"

Abby Harley

I wish one of the older brother took over. The world would be a greater place. I hate you. You’re not giving enough freedom that people actually need

Elle Goitein

I kinda failed my math final lol woops i got a 45%

Like every think

Geometry Boi

This song is great!

What’s ya height ? N H20 ... I Look aLoT better in My PoLo Attire !!

OpTic Pamaj

Dude this game is better than cod infinite warfare

Christian Da luz

Sometimes I’m even scared to walk outside in case I get into a argument or something with someone,it’s so tiring😥😥😥

William Pickarski

Craig Xen is trash in this and totally changed the vibe of this song once for the worse he came in

Carter Ellis

You missed the opportunity to put Loki and spider man in the title and get more views

A bit before she was like HES SO GREAT

Oscar Rudy


Koko el bandito

GURU WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR Q&A ???? love you btw

Day two: magically disappeared

l.a quinto

What about the spoiler :c

Astro Vision

I thought you were a robot!

The great DOG and CAT

Wheres Garret?🐶