The Drums - Please don't leave

Her: I don't have any hair no more now I'm depressed dude it's just hair you being such a crybaby

- types of people in high school



Helton Peixoto Olegário

in Brasil it name is the pau (wood) XD

Fortnite Gaming

Yes sumo battle

Carolyn Stephens

If they were born on March twenty fourth that is my Birthday too

Horace Lam


Samson Roy

do it for the graam


Claptrap for President


nice editing

Bee Tech malayalam



Once again, another great video. Keep it up Guru.

Megan Miller

dp inspired me to love sport

Lulu Tube

24 boinces


Guinness world record LOGOS looks like Manchester City Logos 😁

voverlord 101

Did you know somebody did 1000 bottle flips in a row

Fried Nips

The ending for a legend RIP Stan Lee

Max Gamer/2 videos diarios

Algún español

Truth C

“Sometimes I severely dislike this man”I died


I’m bullied and no one helps me, my mom tried, but it goes and one wants to help me

Mr Standalone

Indie doesn't mean individual, it means Independent, meaning that the game was developed without the financial aid of a larger backing company acting as the publisher such as EA or Bethesda for example, or in the case of Borderlands 2, 2K Games.

Adrian Villarreal

oops wrong one


Niech żyją polskie produkcje

Robin L

Why the fuck is bieber here.!?


So sad the left St. Louis

themokey king

Trump has join the chat

Well its because your mom & dad have sex, duh 😒

Shelsea Tany Guillaume

What if you don't have nothing you're good at and your forced to copy someone else?

Rashid Siddiq


Jason Onwenu

Me beast is easily the most giving person I’ve ever seen

Jeffrey Afuape

You deserve way more subscribers man seriously, your videos are way too high quality

Megan Macdonald

3:32 oh u are a fan of asdfmovie? Me to

Android gamer

I am watching it again in 2019

Adrain Balderas

3:12 to 3:26 funniest thing I’ve seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Santy Brenes


Асхаб Эдаев


Sub To Pewdiepie aka God


Elliott Ropell

Would have been better if the skeleton was fully intact