THE DRUMS - There is Nothing Left (Lyric Video)

Taken from The Drums new full-length album, Encyclopedia- Out now! Purchase Encyclopedia here:Digital:

Brick Falling Channel

herp a herp

Andrew Hull

Get Ready To Fight.....

Fem3x Gaming

Dude Perfect: lets start with new vid1 life later...Dude Perfect: WE GOT IT !


I always liked the IWHBYD skull

Ion Alexandru Herban

The age difference between my grand-grand parents is 9 yrs


Ella ni trata y llama la atención.

Prince Gamer26

Wow...awesome 😄😱


guru this is a stupid guestion but how meny games you have!!?? 

Tarek Massoud

iif the channel is called minute videos then shouldn't the videos be only a minute

Danika Hartel

Now I am dying to know her name she sounds so interesting and I really want to know more about her

Jordan Hi

I like for panda 🐼


Look at the views Tony pulls off compare to others. He is actually one of the most popular fighters.

Selene Garcia

soy de mexico ustedes de donde son


You know, that's just what the land of tea and scones tiptopcheerio footy on the telly does to ya.


Warning glass

Like si toi aussi😁


self-promotion is not an easter egg, it's self promotion

Private Michael J. Caboose

Is this what eugina coney is going through?

Adoption is an option.

Justin Vela

i like it

yes papa

PANDA Gaming



Maria Larsen-Zarechnova


Izzy M.

I want to meet him, his soul is so vibrant

Luiza Casoy


Jesse Diebolt

Noel should be a serious rapper smh

Tyler Longfellow

Disney world

Fortnite God

The Dudes basketball tournament:PG:Magic Johnson SG:Michael Jordan:SF:LeBron James PF:Shaquille O'Neal:C:Bill Russel vs PG:Cory Cotton SG:Coby Cotton SF:TY PF:Garrett C:Coby I Hope 🤞 I get it right 😉


you make it seem like gaming makes you wake up with a hang over lol

Dede Diamond

I’m pray for you bc that’s messed up frfr

tall poppy

I think it would've been cool if the Rage Monster was Ty trying to workout on all of the equipment but everytime he tried someone got in his way. Or maybe that could've been it's own stereotype E.G: Mr. StolenEquipment I dunno

Josue Rios

where is garett

Callummaitra The grate

Or just don’t be fat



IAmYourRuler_XD Is Kinda Cool

C'mon now everyone knows that WWIII is maybe a month or two away

Futuro XI

Plastic surgery?

Stefan Leichtle

That gears of war sniper scope is the worst I have ever seen

Shawn Tomkins

Do a wrestling stereotype tipe

dee villamero

how about cluk?

Caleb Saldana

I think you should do more. Videos and more of the mafia

Anthony John

I have a question for the girl in number 10: why, THE FUCK, would you turn your back to that thing?????

Cheesepuff Playz

When I was smaller, my mother was pregnant with a baby boy. I was so excited, I had always wanted a younger sibling but.., I never got one.


can you make a video about star wars

Msp lifeXx

My sister got her period when she was 9. She complains alot but our parents don't do anything.😣😣😣 And we're not allowed outside


I get your music is ironic but honestly this fucking slaps

JJ Avery

Sad there wasn't a monty python Easter egg

Sullivan Britt

The rage monster.


WhY DOeS NO oNe UsE paSSwoRdS?

Hot The Dog 100

On the count the bounces there were 24 bounces

Paulo Renato

Only three wordsOhMyGodthis is going to be so epic, i'm very anxious to watch Frozen 2 after this trailer yaay :D