The FASTEST Car In The Crew 2?! - YouTube

There's a debate going around as to which car is the fastest in The Crew 2. McLaren P1 or the Koenigsegg Regera?► Twitter | Equipment I use Instagram | Website |♫ Theme music - hors d'oeuvres by Madloops

Ava Grandstaff

OMG Luke Bryan is there!!!!

/Gabriel Costanzo

it was checkers


Her face is so fake

Ban Ana

Based purely off your voice you must be a very sexy man.

Tim McBride

Why are you actually a god at editing

Anna Carolina

Pô é novela mexicana misturada com um curupira vei! As coisas não sao assim msm, mt loko meu



there is a solidus snake easter egg I think man

Lilian S.

I have panic attacks so bad that I sometimes can't breath very well, and I literally can't get help. My father won't let anyone in my family go to the doctor, and he mentally abuses us constantly. My panic attacks can also be caused by the tiniest things, and I actually thought I was the only person who was like that, because all my other friends who have had panic attacks have been for kinda big things, while some of mine have lterally been for things as small as class is started. (Not even a class I hate, just its starting and it stresses me out.) I can't get medication and I rarely am able to go have some kind of break or comfort. I'm also touch starved from the such small amount of affection that is physical my entire life. It really, really hurts sometimes, so bad I sometimes feel like I might throw up. And to go along with all this, I have ADHD and imsomnia. Thanks world/God/whatever!

Nuamin .Hailemariam

2:12 Elle just being the next slime queen

B Lash

There good people in real life


Love story RPG ever

Natalia Martinez

I watched this from the waiting room in the ER last night

Mike Mac

Afraid to ask where the marshaling wands are.

Aaron Villarreal

Is Jason mexican?

Mufflel Buns

i voted the best Jarvis Jones.


Favourite pokemon?

Truett Bond

Who else wishes coby will win

Carlos David Vera Bermudez

I felt bad for the guy at 16:00 bro he was like damn can I get half or some😕

Jericho Welsin

wyd after smoking this?

Kingdom of anime

Me: 😃🗡😃🔫😅🔫🔫😅🔫😅😃😅


I love these easter egg videos.

abdul faytoruni

rip otis

- mr excuses

H3nr1430 •

guru is

Trey Boudreaux

Tallguy beard twins puple hoser dp is in over time

M.Hassan Ali

Is this will be the last BH update?


Hey dude perfect I live in Dallas I could go with you in a hot tub no seriously I live there

Andrew West

You should do the tech tower at Georgia tech

jackson hughes



Found your DJ Khaled easter egg

Spencer Poore

Who's watching in 2016

Ангел Иванов

ууууууууууууууууууууууууу даааааааааааа ну наконец и на пк годнота выйдет

Amin Abdolkhani

7:51 = easter egg

Me: “Oh.”

Alyssa Baker

Annie a goat(x50)

Mohammed Yaseen



Is it just me, or does Ty win all the battles?


It was nice seeing that Lord of the Rings Easter egg knowing that the author J.R.R. Tolkien himself served in WW1