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That dancing tho!

Mac The Avenger

At 3:09 the ball came out

Daniel Negron

"This game is dope as fuck, dude"

Hunter Edwards

Should have signed off with hat throw then noggin then pound it


You should go in France !

Plush Gang

chili's is better


So, how do you take requests?

You lost your hair ..but another kid lost his/her leges,arms and alot of things

Alina Poudel

Omg she is so rude


r.i.p panda


where is the link to the usernames? I wanna read the pages

firda annisa

Thankyou Jungkookie~


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jonathan Terry

he or she forgot one easter egg the where you can find the front cover of the case in the game


Go to Barca

Tessa Williams

Is it a bad product or is it a bad sells pitch its because you blackmailed me.

Bri mize

Who could possibly be stupid enough to cut themselves for attention?

Pusheen TheMighty

i am a garrett fan

Golden apple eater youtubing genesis

Dantdm s brother

You should've woken up on 3:00 AM. thats the devil's hour xD

Logan Haegelin

Cory’s face was hilarious when the cowboys and lions fought


How come there are no pasta brands that have the #SendNoods ?

CSI Garcia

House! You should do a video on it! A lot of Sherlock Holmes Easter eggs in it

Trumpsta V

A pretty funny Bond vid for u: International fan where are u?😍😍😎😎


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Jessica Miles

I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was 3, I had the same condition as you, I am now 11 and I don't care, I live I perfect normal life like anyone. I'm not ashamed or ambarassed of my Diabetes, all of my friends know and they don't treat my any different after I told them. So anyone out there please do be ashamed of your condition embrace it, it's part of who you are! 😘

Hoshi Yoshi Moshi

I didn’t need a pro ana account, my thoughts were enough.

The Gucci 5h34 w00d


Hilmi Ihsan


RelentlessEating andGaming

GOW always hitting the feel train

BTSKaTeLyEeNiixx Skskssksk

This so good !


Courtney has a lot of acne


So impressed with Halle’s stamina and poise. She’s a killer. Hope to see her in more movies with killer dawgs!

Amber Lee

Has a picture of iPhone X mentions whats app

Alvaro Leyva

Have sthephen curry next

WindBlaze Anims

The cat's name is "His"

Omer Erdem

Cmn i had to skip the next part because i am fasting