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Playlist Best of The Game for more video by The Game performing My Life. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 4,679,210. (C) 2008 Geffen Records#TheGame #MyLife #Vevo #HipHop #LilWayne

Captain Unohana

did i miss something in the last on or was it sympathy of the devil the easter egg?


Tickled to find out that she doesn't remember her oscar win because she'd been slapping the bag that night. HAVE to laugh

The Lone_Libra

I’m not crying you are!

Kevin Maruthan

More like a crash landing

Olivia Cantu

Fancy and you remind me are the two songs that Tyler was singing under water

Flow HD

Like si eres de Colombia🇨🇴🇨🇴💪👍


17:58 i wonder she didnt said yes

Tommy L

14 bounces




Power washing burning magnesium is oddly satisfying

Raini Rodriguez

I always say yes even know i don’t want to


Karabo ManneZA

One of these years we’ll hear

Mihir Umrigar

Episode 2?


I'm allergic to water sometimes. Not the chlorine as it happens with rainwater. I can still shower, I just need to quickly dry off.

Aiden Jordan

Tom Brady

Marcel Miolala


Colt Lambert

Tom Brady

Shawn Bishop

Texas roadhouse is way better yall are crazy

Gacha_Girl :P

5:08 kids watch this....

George Hello

2:13 is what im like at walmart

Alejandro Olivera

Microsoft I really like my 500 dollars to stay in my wallet but....

Brian Parsons

good Lord almighty...that was freakin' epic

g u y s

SmkWed ... man fuck the YMCA... look at the skeleton fucking a crow on the top right corner...

Black. Yes, Black.

Coby, Just break bottles on Their heads! Believe, Stop playing video games and practice, Make the bottles you break on their heads the winning chance, BREAK IT!!! Make them be the losers, JUST THROW THEIR WINNING CHANCE IN COLD WINTER WATER, FREEZE IT!!!

Noah Case

team apple



Claire Arong

Hey,Cory you got 5th place.coby got 4th

Steve just Steve

This.................. is dumb

Bruce Wayne

09:04 LOLz

Gnome Gnome

pretty much ALL this Metal Detector is fake.. BUT i dont think this video is fake cuz its Dude Perfect they are never lying to their 38MN fans..

David Wilson

Can I have a pog stick

Tom Smith

That was so cool at the end⚽️🏎

dragonkiller5923 Mac

Team necklace

I think he's lying

Jay Bug

Liven like Larry


Braaap Fun

Instead of"im ty the trophy builder." It should be "I'm ty the trophy guy

Caroline Noyb


Rainbow Cheetah

is it weird that I thought Sugar was a real person for half the video??? maybe im just tired...

ATOM FILMS official


Michael Fuchs

nice done, i like your videos, have seen all of them :)


Dnt care if it real or not but still it looks amazing just being there the reaction.