The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (drums by jouxplan)

As promised, here is the first of three 're-makes' of videos I have previously posted, but this time, using my new Roland drums. I guarantee that the end will cause you great amusement........... :-)Every Little Thing She Does was one of my very first videos on YouTube, posted back in 2007! Great fun, huge amounts of energy by Mr. Copeland, and with his usual technical flair, fluency and speed. There is a lot going on, and it is a tough one to cover.For those of you who might want to berate me for not playing this accurately enough, please watch my original video, which is far closer to the original than this 2011 video.The purpose of today's video is simply to show how I play it 'for fun' on my Roland, and it is NOT a 'note for note' attempt, ok? Certainly, if it were not for the very funny event near the end, I would not have posted this particular take - there are too many errors and the timing is not great: I fully realise that. But frankly, I don't care - I like this vid 'cos of the end, so it gets posted ;-)I'm sorry you cannot see my bass drum pedal. I tried to get an angle where you could see all the toms and cymbals (I did several other songs the same afternoon), but it is not easy. Anyway, this angle gives you a better idea of the set up of the new drum kit, I think.I have tried to get as many of the hi hat bits and bobs going on, but I missed a lot of 'em! Stewart's bass drum pattern in the chorus', and especially the outro, as I pointed out in 2007, is fiendishly random and at odds with what you would expect, and so I am well wide of the mark here. I will admit that the intricate nature of the hi hat work in this, at this speed, with the occasional slightly open sound in the verses, I find much harder to do on the Roland than I do with acoustic cymbals. Still getting used to it? Or is it really more difficult to do? Not sure yet!Whatever you all think of the technical merits of this 2nd cover, I reckon I deserve aprize for the incident at the end! Don't think I missed a single beat!I am finally working out the best way to create these videos with my V-drums. Unfortunately it is a lot more involved, and means me messing around with iMovie and an audio interface and scrubbing the camcorder sound and synching audio and visual and basically, disappearing up my own backside! Still, the end result is much better sound quality, non? If you listen on good headphones, you can even hear that the drums are panned!!!!More coming very soon, including a 'tour' of the new drum kit, for all you drum geeks out there!If you have not seen it, have a look at my Christmas Gorilla video too!!:-)

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There's also a "bro" sighting throughout the video

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2:15 is it me or is it satisfying when Cory lands perfectly into the thing

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Also after Fluffy AKA the hellhound kicks the camera you can see the mystery box in the bottom-right hand corner.

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Swinging felt a bit weird to begin with but once you get used to it, oh boy is it amazing. Personally, it's my favourite Spider-Man game and even better than Spider-Man 2.

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Does anyone else cringe at the way Cory and coby kick?

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