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The Police - Roxanne

television and movies. Are you going to plan an another Creepy

Naomie Mugisha

I wish I was there to help you guys eat all that food 😩

eagleOFjustice amarica

really? lol every skyrim easter egg video i watch has notched pick in it XD


Interesting idea, though it would be cool to see more easter eggs in 1 video, (6 mins?)... Perhaps do a bundled kinda thing? Like "video game references to horror films", and within that just choose a few to do at a time, I think that'd be a better idea if you come across multiple movies which have few easter eggs, but 1s worth mentioning.

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa



And you people thumbed this up. Hah!


Who else looked at the thumbnail and got thirsty

Geyson Fernandez

Lmao, before watching the video I was thinking to myself whether or not you would implement a Hunter X Hunter easter egg in this video and then you just hit me with one at number 10...oh Guru :')

look at this clips

I miss the old times with just Anthony and Ian 😫

Ms. Blue Queen

1:58 emmas face i was so dead

Amaap Patel


Robert Serigny



Clever with the DJ. Khaled thing lol

Dirt biking Super car



There's this one sorta Easter Egg/reference to Metroid in Blaster Master Zero, where you go underwater, and climb up a ladder(I think?) and You fight Mother Brain from Metroid.


It SUCKS being bipolar.

Manav Rambaran


Sweet Little Baddie

the parents did not abuse the kids. Dislike if you thought the children where abused

Fructuoso Jr De Real

I'm Mr.jumpy

Koala Lord

This was a really good format, man. And an even cooler video!


I eat sooooooooo much. Especially junk food. I eat like it’s the last day of my life. Yet I never gain weight or fat. I’m still 80 pounds. I’m super skinny. IDK WHY. I’m literally a fuckin skeleton

Me: I'm the fucking FBI get on the ground.

Tai le


Hope u can feel my sorrow and May Jesus love u! Ah!

Mom: no

Victoria Pantoja

Do Bike

Lachlan McIntosh