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I’ve gotten way too many comments asking about what I think of relationships vs working a career, so here is a video addressing it - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephanThe YouTube Creator Academy: Learn EXACTLY how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, rank videos on the front page of searches, grow your following, and turn that into another income source: $100 OFF WITH CODE 100OFF Merch: ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment: lets start here: I’ve noticed there’s just a strong entrepreneur mentality of “just get money” that gets thrown around a lot. It’s basically this notion that relationships are a waste of time, it’s a distraction, etc.And I’m not here to criticize anyone’s choices and if that’s something they LIVE BY - but when it comes to me, personally, there’s no way I’d be here today if it wasn’t for the support of several past relationships I’ve had.If you feel like having a relationship would be distracting from your career, or you you don’t have time for it…then chances are, you’re right, and it’s important to have the self awareness to realize that. But…if you DO find a healthy balance between having a relationship and building a business at the same time, I’m 100% all for it. If both people are understanding of the situation and support each other, then that’s all you can ask for…it NEVER needs to be a decision of one or the other like so many people paint it out to be.For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at


last time i was here the video was called super bowl edition

Kayla Haberstroh

You should try Iceland!!

lucky Ender

nooo why purple!

Eddie Parra

Put kd in kawhis shoes what is the outcome?

Keaton Douglas

I don't have a life

Brooke Terp

Yup, I'm an introvert

Interglastic Penguin

Jeef toney is panda 3:28 check Ty’s instagram then search jeef toney

meriton gashi

i think ping pong trick shoots

the dantdm shrine

Could you make some kind of firework fuel with magnesium or perhaps mix it with other stuff? Or just use it as the explosion thing. I think that would be really cool!


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mega memes

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William St-Onge


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The Loud Eater


How old were you when you were twelve


Team Cory #1



Samurai Exel 190


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Came for boomerang trick shots, stayed for the dog. Liked as requested 😂

Truth Knight

Seriously when will these annoying speech meme comments on YouTube stop. It's already fucking boring.

connor kirkley

that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

マスクちゃんMask Chan

Honestly if I went to your school and seen you do this I'd beat the living daylights out of you. I've been severely bullied into extreme psychological issues in the past and nothing infuriates me more than seeing it happen to others

Nikki Mctouton

As and Aussie I have to say I have a silly sense of pride crazy really, but yay outback

Nightt HAwkk



You should switch out the music you used, for the x-files theme. XD