The Riff Off (Pitch Perfect)

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the chicken's coop



Comment section is a bunch a pussies

Ani Offiong


ThatOneScriptyBoi 0001

whos watching in 2019?

Ann Martinez


Vanilla Orca

Wow an I'm here 11 years old wanting 5 kids when I'm older....

Dana Louis

Coby will never win

Blood clan for ever!

Geez Bijuu that’s sad

Lucas Alves

Parece a música do Igu - Maju

Anchal Bansal

Happy birthday Coby and cory

MVT Prod.

Everyone is talking about who the panda is. But who is the female voice that says dude perfect at the beginning of literally every video over the course of 10 years???

Alif Hezreel

FunWithGuru make a watch dogs easter egg episode


#TMC💙🏁💙🏁💙 R.I.P. NIP


me gusto mas que los 3 nuevos capitulos de black mirror

I got suspended but he got expelled

Diego Barroso

Before that

Sub Bot

Alien boy

Adan Corralez

Who is panda under???

Ethan Radford

U guys. Honestly fake these

O̶b̨li͂͑̀vion Wal̵k̡er̛T҉A̡҉̛G̷̴ -

ok, don't abandon your channel yet. make it so multiple people can submit to the channel. many people can make the channel grow.

Evelyn Leong

After the intro you already see the cool not cool vote buttons




Oooooh! Some nice Easter eggs and possibly a bully sequel I'm down :D


You know your early when the quality of the video has rendered yet. Also, I liked the glitch at the end.

Put your suggestions as you reply!

Hayden Humphery

Who is the pander


the boss looks like Dora.

Randi Parsons


Jamie Haynes

You should call it the up and over swish

Jim Radlinski

boo poor tree

spot pilgrim

When the easter eggs are better than the movie...

Diamond Martini

Damn 4 million views already?

Sunny Heart


Sarah Silvis

I really like your story

Brent Carico

I craped my pants on the slender man one


Man people in the ancient rome sure saw alot of random shit from Giant statues making non hurting fire to a giant man hiding in your fountain

Hassan Zaman

Burj Khalifa

Oleksii Lytvyn

Hey guys! Can't find the song played in this video anywhere:( Where could it be? Thanx!

Myrapla Blattstein

"Dynamax" is a reason to actually not buying this game+switch. Seriouslly... Mega Evolution was already stupid enough, but okay. But instead of working on this you get more and more stupid stuff which nobody ever asked for. Nintendo and Gamefreak loosing the growing fans from Gen1. Of course they will make enough money from presents for 6-10 year olds. But they are losing fans who supported their work for the last 2 decades. They already made so terrible games like black and white or sun and moon.... I'm afraid that this is gonna be even worse. I'll keep track of it, but I think that after more than 20 years I will finally quit with Pokémon.