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Goose gives you his top tips and tricks, with everything from how to make loads of space cash, to how to find exotic ships, watch this and you'll go from a back water rock breaking zero, to mega rich intergalactic hero! -- MORE GGSP --See it first on the ABC ME App!to the family friendly nature of GGSP, we have to keep the comments clean, so all comments are held for approval and may not be approved outside of business hours. But we'll do our best! Thank you for your patience!Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC's Online Terms of Use (Section 3)

aaron murray

Pond skipper

Wolfy & Zack


Alexandra Kotur

i now


Sana wearing in all black can really kill people 😍😍

Koen Van Gemert

How can You do the Reunion Tower shot at home?


Caleb Joshua Reyes


I didn't know what to write

Anh Tiến

can I know the music name, pls?


Wath is the tricks shot in the 4:28


Whao He's THAI?!?!? [transition] The image on your profile is Memories of Murder, isn'it ? What a brilliant movie, love it.

maria laura Vasconez

I am the human Controller

I'm Vegan Boy

I'm pretty sure pool is more boring in real life lol


Damn. I also have chronic pain related to an incurable condition (EDS). I live life at about 5-6 (it sounds like trigeminal neuralgia is like 9-10) on the pain scale, with intermittent periods of severe and debilitating pain. I'm 23 and it's been that way since I was 13. Sometimes I have to take a combination of meds that basically knocks me out for 2 days and usually gets the pain back to a bearable level. After watching this, I feel lucky that I have that.

Bryan Gant

You should do wife’s vs chad camera stuff

Akua And Naana Boampong

Recommend for you: my mom kicked me out of the house because I kept watching YouTube


Your Voice Is the best <3

Benjamin Carlson

Awwwww C'mon. I mean it is cool that they put Easter eggs in, but does everyone of them aside from the PS3 have to be Uncharted/Nauty Dog? I mean add some other games or movies in there.

Layla T

what’s happening with the merch giveaway 💗🔥


My takeaway from this is don't let people in because they COULD want to kill me. I take no chances!

Be Dead

They gave a nod to The Shawshank Redemption during the prison break.

Girls can scooter Too!



Ah, them arabs back at it again eh?


Then it’s not ur step mom


@thebayareapimp your comment is fake, your YouTube user name is fake, and you my friend is gay


thats not johnny's crashed plane

Luca Liistro

Face offfffff

Vic Mensa 2

At 1:52 am I gonna be the same guy that drinks water

aritz arroyo astobiza

Minute 0:50 I'll high five you if you want.


I'm fighting for justice, even tho my entire life is built on illegality.

biswaranjan mishra

Do anulom vilom and kapalbhati pranayam 10min each,,you will 100% get relief within 15/20 days,,just try once,,only 20 min/day can change your life,,


man fuck the empire state building you do the STL arch or some shit


This video is all about me especially the cat videos thing, I always watched cat videos at home while lying on my bed.

Shailen Sanghera

I liked the selfie shot

Wrecking Ball

I love bowling but I love being the bowling ball even more.

Elijah Durant

Wite ass

Marisha Agarwal

Who else watched all 3 videos one after the other? Mind blown by the stories, direction and visuals.

axr gaming



What are you using to make it so immersive, is it just a camera change? Kinda makes me want to turn off war mode and just walk around.

Dp: that’s a perfect idea