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Read Before Watching - PLEASE COMMENT!!Drummers from Across the Galaxy: All-Star beatdown.Including: (Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy, Tommy Lee, Phil Collins, Eric Carr, Randy Castillo, John Bonham, etc). Dark Lords of drumming, hell-drum-beaters. The meanest of the meanest, the strongest of the bunch. Your drum heros.


Sandro_ 12

The Beatles vs kiss

Casey Jones14

I think I k ow who the panda is


Who is waiting for frozen 2 like here I love it

Christian Micucci

Biggest fan of ty team ty all the way

chubby snorlax

This woman is actually annoying me

Progar11 Cidoncha

Suscribirse a mi canal cacks

Nicholas Lenvisky

What is the background music ?

Maya S.

Trickshots with Dirk Nowitzki


Ben Little

Man, you are one of the best editors on YouTube

Christian Haider


Thomas The Dank Engine

I like meth it makes me feel good on the inside

A Most Subscribed Orange

6:46 The Rage Monster

Dietchocolate 1

Did anyone catch at 3:43, TY pulls the ball in the hoop, but I still love DP

jonathan latson

Y’all think it’s too late for me to start playing borderlands I never played the first or the second one

TakeThese Liz

Step brother : let’s play our secret game



anita dwivedi


Caroliena Dee

Well this isn't sexual assault

Josh Hillis

Ty is so selfish

Team GG

“Still pop out on some gang shit”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


came to see how a blitz ball worked, but this just isn't for me.


this is literally one of my worsts fears

Kieran Ciantar

Is dis a dlc if it is you are worse the EA that you gotta buy of course

Teabag Johnson

Guru. Will you Begin to searching Team Fortress 2 Easter eggs?

Harry Adams

The main ones like tom cruises charactor in tropic thunder but PG and not on coke

Green Dollars

French toast