This guy stream sniped me for 3 months

During the last 3 months of streaming Fortnite, i've had a consistent stream sniper.. it's interesting because he ALWAYS knows where I am even when I hide my screen etc. Don't know how this guy does it lol.Please connect with my other social media! I'm always posting mainly on twitter! Here's ze link stream on: DROP a follow :D!

mega bot q

anyone else think Garrett looks like jordan spieth


I'm anxious and I'm single ;-;


I finally found someone who relates with me.

The Dopamine

Ibaka will be the first player from okc to EARN a title that’s crazy

Ghazala Anwaar




Shahzar Khan

Can you accept Islam dude perfect

David Jenkins

that is soo sad

Sweaty Palms

This episode was quite lit

Vihaan Jain


Jordan Coffey

This made my morning. You inspire me.💗💗💗💗


lose weight, plus size is not something to embrace its killing you slowly

Maya Rusnov

the third one was twinkle twinkle little star :)

Also "And that bitch"

Ryan Foster

Hey Guru will you do an Assassins Creed 4 Easter egg video? If there are any.

Bronze III Noob

you can find on train the katosky kick music from tf2 by the showers

Jakob Gale

Do a darts trick shot video

Сергей Камальдинов

im russian. please,teach me engglish language//////

Sea-Salt Art

Kingdom Hearts IV is looking great.