Tracy Morgan Speaks On Bugatti Accident For First Time, New Comedians, 30 Rock & The Knicks

Tracy Morgan sits down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss the Bugatti accident, his thoughts on new comedians, the New York Knicks, look back at his time at '30 Rock', and an interesting story about James Dolan and much more! He's performing at Caroline's At Broadway this weekend! For more info us:INSTAGRAM:

Great story...and thanks for minimizing the self-hate leading to suicide and the still-too-common teenage homelessness that more often ensues in such situations. Great stuff!!!

Jaqueline Juarez

Are super awkward long intros their thing? Also why are they always shouting?

prthvi singh thakur Lal

You forgot the spoiler one ......

Noah Strickland

One of the consequence’s should be to let Ned choose

Marquis de laffayette

Me: gets deadly diesease

Dat Dank boi

You mean 9

joseph stephen

00:57 Cory and ty confused 😂😂

Rafael Ch.

Nice. I really enjoyed this video

Tjen Broun

Before Trailer: Oh yes now I will see what the movie is aboutAfter trailer:What?Huh?Who?Huh

Iuliu Varga

Yes good

Sonu Jena


A Most Subscribed Orange

For those of you wondering what the answer to 0:54 is it's March 24

Sub to Pewdipie

Um doctor said sorry u got 6 months to live after 14 months of treatment 🤔🤔🤔 sounds legit

Jaemy Rose

Robin love Basketball


Always the games fault and not the person according to this

The Smiling Miura

11:05 wtf ? caracters right ?

Supreme Jaden

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Dark Pikachu 4534

Shoutouts to Walmart!


No offense DP but Cody’s celebrations are the cringiest thing


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jacks 420

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Nayte Gregory


Mouad kenway



I guess there's no way to do this on PS3?

Oxi Clean

I don’t like the narrator’s voice

Daniel G


Amz Hansen

i'm just happy that someone understands that it's almost worse, or at least as bad, to get bullied behind ones back, than directly to the face, because, I wouldn't say I get "bullied" but like, it's clear to me when someone hates me, and people always tell me that someone is talking bad about me behind my back.. so.. .. anyway, good that you realized that you did something wrong


1:34 i remember that near exact animation being in mirrors edge.

248 MrMeanGuy

Cory and Coby have a birthday of Aug 13 mine is Aug 14

Rosalie Rangas

8:55 sound like tf2 its medic he says yaa


It is environmental pollution that we broke bottle

Dragón boy Rene

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Kourtney DelBosque

Check out Haminaitions

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i think you just became one of my favorite youtubers

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the prefect guy's choiceare only car's😍

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Part 2?

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Wow rlly that really wasn't the best gift ever its just your opinion

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Sad that a lot of people that see this types of videos are the kids and not the parents.....

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Aahahahahahaha the ending lmao