Trapperman Dale - Dale Chapo (FULL MIXTAPE)

Trapperman Dale - Gone (Prod. Bandplay) (00:00)Trapperman Dale - Pitbull in a Skirt (Prod. Bandplay) (02:10)Trapperman Dale - Backstabbin (Prod. Bandplay) (04:42)Trapperman Dale - Smoking Flowers (Prod. Bandplay) (07:06)Trapperman Dale - Run Me Hot (Prod. Bandplay) (10:04)Trapperman Dale - Interlude (Prod. Bandplay) (12:05)Trapperman Dale - Taking My Licc (ft. Don Trip)(Prod. Bandplay) (13:02)Trapperman Dale - Thoughts (Prod. Bandplay) (16:10)Trapperman Dale - Mama Told Me (Prod. Bandplay) (18:18)Trapperman Dale - Chapo (Prod. Red On The Track) (20:54)Trapperman Dale - Profit (Prod. Bandplay) (22:43)Trapperman Dale - 3Sides (ft. Mobsquad Nard & Tha Landlord) (Prod. Tats n Tunes) (25:29)Trapperman Dale - Soldier (Prod. Tats n Tunes) (29:19)Trapperman Dale - Mobsters (Prod. Greedy Money) (31:33)Trapperman Dale - All Gold Rollie (Prod. IV Beats) (33:36)Trapperman Dale - For The High (ft. Starlito) (Prod. Bandplay) (34:45)New mixtape from Trapperman Dale "Dale Chapo" available now on DatPiff YouTube!by @DatPiffiOS:

king_kakarot vegeta sucks

My grandma no dur wants to do a challenge for a house


The gift was a message from a band leader. Thank me l8er!

William Souaid

You guys are amazing and have such a huge heart

Stacey’s Diary

Y didn’t she stop smoking

Clue ツ



Both very good

Wahaj Sadan

It’s all the first doctors fault he said it was a virus he would of taken care of her better

Julian Haddad

0:18 I said a random day and it was correct!

Reagan Hughes


MarkYuri PH

roses are redi have to saymy friend watch frozennow he's a gay

Anime Nerd

Christmas must have been awkward for the brothers

madhabi Roy

Dude you have a perfect hand

Nikko Saraos

It went from a pretty far distance and got a lot closer real quick, so it just looks that way.

Me:girl it ain't an iphone

Caroline Chavez


Revenant _ShadowBlade8900

One of the players in the trailer is called GeminiDreamz and there is a skin called Gemini so what does this mean idk?

Jackson games

R.i.p panda2011 2012


look at vid on right, see it looks to be going left, then it comes back?

Score: 3/93

Thank you square! You hold my eternal love ❤

Anita Tran

my dad's life but he doesn't beat

Tonette and Jake Gaming Pro

Most of the times Tyler wins

Lorenzo Maldonado

Lorenzo, Lorenzo, Lorenzo...


They gave me the chills when I stumbled upon them.

Jordan Murray

That movie shouldn’t be considered a bad thing it’s suppose to be funny, comedians do voices all the time and it was a few years ago where it was pretty much the same thing but they were doing a white voice


Ricardo shot is fake