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Killer Queen

J.K Rowling! I love her!!!! She is such a Queen! <3

Master gamer

Pls give warning because when the developers showed up it scare me lol He hates me I hate him

Hayk Davtyan

the meat guys scared the shit out of me

Martha Harrison

Dunk over my leg


Stupid female

Geoff Jefferson

Your voice is so soothing 😴

Drawing Donuts

Yay 15 mins ago


Snake's ass is so adorable


This is some blackmirror shit


Is this movie worth watching ?


Please do references in 22 Jump Street. There's so many

Garrett Copher

corys head

strawberry boba

Ok I thought I was fine but I guess I’m not.😬

Chickenflick Cheesychicken



The panda is the coolest mascot ever

1 like=1 prayer and maybe another cry

Super8 Dover

Bro that shirt looks like it's from an anime


U know what middle schoolers did when they saw this video...


“I just want to get better than last place”

pako joe

This was great!! Pure laughs, I love this guy LOL

just a wandering riven main


Andrew Hill

I finished the full version weeks ago

Nedelcho Ivanov

the new BF looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

remza remza

Brate.Dobarsi. Naj.Boji

Btw Jeffree no hate.. I have loved watching your dogs mature and it is so sad seeing one go.. R.I.P Diamond


How was recommended to me?

Bike Race Innu

Warframe ?

Joey Awesomeness

Lion king Easter egg, snow white Easter egg, batman Easter egg, reference in the Gwen's head, there so many Easter eggs you missed!

Thx so much for the advice it really helped

Diego Devars

GuruIsHere best new rant channel 10/10


a S

Larry Silverstein: "amateurs"


I don't give a fuck. This shit is funny. And if you don't think so your just a hater!

izabel reginah

they aint fighting thanos anymore :( yall stop copying comments from the first trailer


I was not prepared on that first one. I'm always not prepared...

Lh a

Thank you so much for this video. You don't get to bully people for having an offensive opinion. Bullying is bullying, you cant change the definition to fit a narrative. No room for vigilantes


Soooooo NFL players can’t catch a ball dropped from 125 feel from a drone in the pro bowl but an ordinary dude can catch a ball thrown from a helicopter over 500 feet in the air?

LM ProductionsNZ

Dude how can that basketball do that it was not even close it was slowing moving to the hope, you really don’t no physics.


im a noob; why does the bald dude that looks like lex luthor have a barcode on the back of his head?


Love the show, need to add though that potato water is your friend as you use it for baking bread. Luscious, UNCTIOUS, brown bread!!! Have a great day, sir!!!

Allan Rodriguez

Anyone notice that the celebration is cam Newton's superman

Jirka Nemocny

Guru, there were those pillars and when you remove that sign there is a button that should do something or did you tried it ?

Fadinq Venom

Wow this girls story is SO fake.. just Woah

ALL IN ALL BIOGRAPHY something interesting

Hey "dp" guys, can i join you?

Nicolas Winkel

think about the children in Africa before blowing up food pls