TUNE ANY SNARE DRUM FAST & EASY! - Snare Tuning Workshop 2018

The title is no joke, man. If you've watched video after video and still can't get that snare tuned up right - YOUR FRUSTRATION STOPS HERE. Go grab it, and let's fix it right now. After watching this workshop, you'll know exactly how to tune any snare drum of any size - fast and easy! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL for more great lessons!SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ON PATREON! ORSHOW YOUR ONE TIME SUPPORT WITH A DONATION!BROWN'S WEBSITE FAN PAGE: BROWN ENDORSES


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Frozenwolf 3030

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Double Shotty

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Cristal Boone

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Lolita The Elf



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Iced Chilly Gaming

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Mohammed Muqtadir

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Cat Ruler Of The Universe

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The AS Beats

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What is YouTube trying to tell me