Tyga - Goddamn (Official Video)

From the album, "Legendary".Stream: by Tyga & ArradProduced by d.a. domanOfficial Music Video by Tyga - Goddamn © 2019 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE




I’ve birthed 4 babies, and I just want to say how amazing Hila did. It looks like she handled it really well and kept her head. Especially as a first time mom, She did so amazing. The pictures where she is holding Theodore for the first time made me cry. That feeling is wonderful, the 9 months of waiting, the pain, and it was all worth it for that little guy. Congratulations you guys. He’s such a blessing.

Young XSO

Finally you r back... This shit scared me

Akbar Samsudeen

Unlucky Garrett

Vinillafrost バニラフロスト

You could always adopt a baby

Cayden Harmon

I was just playing your game I could not tell the twens a port by cayden

Stephanie Brotzman-Savercool

They do not know how to fish like a pro

Do you wanna play a Fortnite match together someday?

E Wood

Bunny was meant to be with a birthday in June! Happy birthday marbles 🤗 you look marvelous.

Nomis nom

Dubs are better now guys. I don’t make the rules.

Vietnam Flashbacks

Is no one gonna acknowledge the height difference...


Who waiting for bowling trick-shots 2 in a few weeks?


Anyone else notice that the double rainbow at the end is impossible? Real double rainbows always have the colours reversed in the second one, so red is facing red.


Probably the most hardworking and dedicated youtuber I watch.

Ah shit, you sure? I was catching Victory Royales while you were talking.

patel pratham

poor unfortunate soul

Lil Capri

it go halle berry, or _______

R Wade

Who else was eating chips while they watched this ?

Sasha D.

WoW i am so happy for you and the girl im really happy that you felt the need to help.


4:26 The cake is a lie :O

Evan Martin

Wow this is fake you can see the ball do a massive curb in the air. Don't even tell me it's the wind because it's not...

ZF Lim

lol 4:18

Young Slime



Is Jack a young Raiden?

M. Vliegenthart

Do godzilla vs kong pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Alex The Magnificent

I hope you make an episode on Dying Light because ever since i played that game i've encountered a ton of cool easter eggs.


shooter didnt call glass though..

cyber doctor

Mythic quest have they never heard of world of warcraft


no duh that is the funny part and it is snowing


In my town there is a story call Lady Of The Lake and what happend is a person kill her and dumped her in the mirror lake i think lol :P

edit: thank you for da 3 likes, Hoomans!

Nibedita Das

42 million subs wowwww I can't believe I subbed at 10 million Proud of this channel.


Dakota Connolly

I got team coby

Zach Ecker

I went to the beach today I don’t think I will be back with that many sharks there 😀😆👌

Frank Vitucci

I missed “The old guy”

Hunnie Gaddis

Ethan's yelling I swear 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀


i wonder if the nightmare lvl have a secret exit like in doom 2

Tony Deng

I have both restaurants locally, outback is not packed most times, Roadhouse has a line every night...make your own conclusions about this.

XOXO keisha XOXO

Omg I'm 3 minutes early!!!!please like this to save the turtles 🐢❤😂

Evelyn Grace

they weared their cloths backward

Nicholas Jobe

12 losses and still going strong


Katty03 17

I have the same thoughts


Honestly, I think that there is no main character for that everyone has a chance to die. Thats my opinion though