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She is a well respected divorce attorney,trying to serve you


This is Drakes song now

Ryals Family

Ty are you really a rage monster


Poor bearings

Yusra Ali

Gowwwaaaaarrrrrm Jammmmeeesssss!!!!!


Mika Potato


Zander 134

Me: Completes level 1

Stephane Vantveer

0:22 I can easily do that 😂

Robbie Taylor

Well that was crap

Bogdan Bogda

2:21 nicee

Krishnenjit Roy


CuteCutie Kittens

I have anxiety and depression. It's hard because i always think somebody is making fun of me. And my family does not support me either. They make it harder on me. For sure my mother. Shes always yelling at me to go do something.But with my brother she never tells him to do anything.


Aw, Man... I thought this game is WAR Z (Infestation). but it's not.

Captain Eggcellent

Your uploading quite a lot recently! Will this continue? (Please say yes)

yong zhang

I feel kinda bad for Tory: (

Some Random Gamer Named Austin

Grammar Nazi has to be my favorite Easter Egg in this game.

Never back down! I would kick those boys into next tuesday! And so would any commenter here!

Jesse Blackout

The Radiohead intro broke my heart

Con TG

Coby always gives a red for weird reasons

Ainak Basu

there once was boy named harry destined to be a star

Radicool Massacre

above all of the ones who were injured garrett seems the most injured

Diamond King

WOW I never knew

Chris Playz

Subscribe to crazy ninja bros

ABorealis Glfry

This was really wholesome

Bennyboy 06

Germany bet your mums life

dr-boomish son

Dude thats perfect

Gus Becker

Roger Federer

kyle williamson

HOLLY SHIT U GUYS R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Jones

I do

Sreeja Yarasi

You don’t know the value of a person unless there’re no more 😢😞🥺

Olivetti 04

Wtf is that cat in the hat for the conjuring 2!!

Anne Dempster

idiots type 1980 in comments

Megan Liu

ok, first things first. Some people wait years, maybe DECADES just to get into the US. So, for you to just immigrate there without waiting your turn AND EXPECTING TO STAY is really selfish. Some families who go through similar struggles may have had to wait very long to get a visa or green card of whatever. Secondly, you can't just wake up one day, decide life isnt going the way you want it to go, and just decide to move. My family had to wat at least 11 years until they could finally come here. So i think you are very selfish for doing this.

Kingsears 99

Do more!!


In the same room where you found kane in the bar, if you look across from there behind where he is our left from the mission start, there is a bathroom and in the door thing if you look at the bottom right corner of it, it says "free moustache rides" I don't know which came first but I think it's a reference to the smosh video "banned airplane safety video" or they are referencing this.I don't know

Rebecca B

I have both

No Names

Ukrainians speak russian lmao

kawaii_ queen


Caleb Fulton

where's Curry at

Mr.woofles Woofles

Who remembers Mr.beast vs 2 coke bottles

Edit: it is nice to know the staff explained to you the reason for why they did what they did.

LeRa_GaMeR_XX Fortnite

I feel more sorry for the dogs than for people


Logan K

Who from posts comments?😂

Salim merchant

Coby can do anything in trick shots but not in challenges

James Tomlin

Become a cuckquean, everyone wins ;D

Snowball Kitty

3:49 hahahahhahahah