US3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Us3's acclaimed, platinum-certified 1993 album, Hand On The Torch and its gold-certified lead single, "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)."To celebrate the occasion, the album has been digitally remastered and expanded with four new remixes of "Cantaloop" for a new 2-CD 20th Anniversary Edition on September 17, 2013 by Blue Note/UMevideo by US3 Featuring Rahsaan And Gerard Presencer performing Cantaloop (Video) (Feat. Rahsaan And Gerard Presencer).


9/11 2.0

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Ariana Grande Lyrics

I had this dream where i was in a dark maze, alone, the maze was huge and i HAD to get out, i don't really know why. At every dead end there's a doll, there were 8 dolls in total, each of them wer creepier and getting bigger in size than the previous doll. The point of the dolls was that you had to read a name written on the wall out loud, it was each of the doll's names, after reading the name you had to wait and do absolutely nothing else. The second the doll looks at you, you had to turn your back and run, without looking back, and beaing as fast as you could. Every dead end was the same, except for the last one, or maybe there were more dead ends, and more dolls, but when my dream had ended there were only 8 dolls and 8 dead ends. The last doll was different... it was made out of metal unlike the others. This doll had black hair (metal black hair) one strand was hanging and was wrapped around her arm (it doesn't add anything to the story, but i felt weird looking at it) in my dream i saw only a part of the doll until the underarms, and then it was pitch black under. The doll WAS naked but she covered her cleavage with her arms. Her eyes were extremely creepy, there was one on her neck and one on her chest. I really didn't know what to think! I read the name..."Anabelle" it took a while until the eyes opened up but the second they opened up everything had turned pitch black, and i only heard the sound you heard when your ears go mute, just, volume 1000+ it was so loud that i immediately woke up, it was 4am, and i was in sweat, gulping for air.

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