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In this video I have shared my secret hair growth method which was shared by my mom and my grand mother . And I also have shared few tips and ways in which I take care of my hair .I was suggesting some tips for hair growth .1. Do not blow dry your hair 2. Do hot oil massage atleast twice a week and do the inversion method just twice a month like how I did in the video.3. Whiletaking bath try to start pouring water from your feet to head which lets the heat escape from our body.4. Eating two dates per day and also eating one fruit per day is a must . The products that I have used are :USA links :Hair oil - kottakkal keshyam hair oil-detangle comb - :Tresemme shampoo -body shop banana shampoo - masque - Arganicare castor oil hair masque - links :hair oil - kottakkal keshyam hair oil- hair masque - like share and subscribe to my channel .

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